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Etherea: three huge wire mesh Neoclassical/Baroque buildings (identical, but differing in scale) by Italian artist Eduardo Tresoldi created for this year’s Coachella Festival in California. The structures were illuminated by a lavender glow by night, emphasizing their ghostly presence.

Tresoldi talks more about his work here.

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An extensive (and doubtless expensive) array of architectural elements by ltalian artist Edoardo Tresoldi commissioned as part of a royal event in Abu Dhabi.

Constructed from wire mesh, lit from above and below to create the ghostly effect, the installation took Tresoldi three months to put in place with the help of Dubai-based Designlab Experience.

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edoardo-tresoldi-wire-mesh-installation-gargano-puglia-designboom-010edoardo-tresoldi-wire-mesh-installation-gargano-puglia-designboom-01 edoardo-tresoldi-wire-mesh-installation-gargano-puglia-designboom-02 edoardo-tresoldi-wire-mesh-installation-gargano-puglia-designboom-06 edoardo-tresoldi-wire-mesh-installation-gargano-puglia-designboom-013 edoardo-tresoldi-wire-mesh-installation-gargano-puglia-designboom-015

Basilica di Siponto – a ghostly interpretation of an early Christian church at the Archaeological Park of Siponto in Italy constructed from wire mesh by artist Edoardo Tresoldi.

The original building once stood at this spot.


Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-1 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-2 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-3 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-4 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-6 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-7 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-8 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-12
Photographer Peter Steinhauer’s shots of  Japanese buildings wrapped in colourful mesh (to prevent debris falling during construction or demolition.)

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