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Pappa Lazarou?

‘Tappo’ the Clown?

We may never know.

Michael Flatley (left) with director of photography, Luke Palmer in Barbados

Michael Flatley is funding, directing and starring in his first feature-length film, a new spy thriller.

The Chicago-born performer, who will play a former spy, is currently filming in Barbados. He was seen there on his yacht with actor Eric Roberts, who is playing the bad guy in the as yet unnamed film.

*drops martini*

Irish dance hero Michael Flatley filming self-financed movie in Barbados (Irish Central)

Carlos the Strange writes:

Flatley… Spy Movie…So many headline possibilities for this post. I still prefer Sean-nós Connery…


Pic: Michael Flatley (Instagram)

flately204-29_2Michael Flatley (top) and (above) ‘The Power’ (€70,000 – €90,000)

But this is acrylic.

Let your feet do the painting.

Otis Blue writes:

Hoof-hearted? Dancing Barefoot? Never mind the Pollocks? Michael Flatley’s “unique” art on sale now. Not cheap mind….

Michael Flatley – Morgan O’Driscoll Auctioneers

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 23.25.28

We gather together to mourn,
An object which used to adorn,
The home of a dancer,
Before some low chancer,
Got his hands on the poor fellow’s horn.

John Moynes


Any excuse.



We don’t know much about podiatry.

But those feet suck.

Michael Flatley. Lord Of the Toe Paintings, in Saturday’s Irish Times magazine.

Thanks Ciaran Le Cool



“Tis’ better than the ones on the streets of Chicago with only me little flute and a coupla’ bendy ankles to keep me warm.”

(Photocall Ireland)