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Omar Sarhan writes:

New map on migration, my first in 2016, based on older (pre-2015 refugee) figures, but I think the patterning is pretty interesting and echos other maps I’ve created, an obvious split between EU and Eurozone member states.

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The flocking patterns of migrant professionals compared by empet based on data collected from the European Commission Database.



Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Go Team Budgie Smuggler.

Tony Abbott renews push on national security laws (TheAge)

Thanks Mark Geary


A study by ‘boffins’ J.D Wood, J. Dykes and A. Slingsby plots internal migration over our little green, rain-sodden plot.

They say:

“We study internal migration in Ireland, an aspect of migration that is little-studied. OD Maps have enabled us to characterise aspects of spatial patterns in county to county migration more effectively than with other techniques. We found that internal migration is relatively local, but relatively national for Dublin. Although migration increased between 1851 and 1911, there was a decrease in more local migration. This work explores the origins of trends that would continue for over a century and had a profound effect on the population geography of the island.”


City University London


A nifty 2012 short written and directed by Dublin animator Conor Finnegan in which a bird tries to avoid heading south for the winter.

Making of feature here.