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New dioramas by Japanese art director Tatsuya Tanuka – part of a miniature calendar project that’s been running since 2011.

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Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.15.24

Fancy a wee brew?

Behold: the world’s smallest cup of coffee, processed, charmingly, for Finnish coffee roaster Paulig from a single bean by Helsinki-based animator Lucas Zanotto.

More here.


Joshua_03 Joshua_04 Joshua_05 Joshua_06 Joshua_08 Joshua_09 Joshua_10 Joshua_11 Joshua_14

Australian artist Joshua Smith’s 1:20 scale reproductions of the grubby, characterful inner city architecture of Hong Kong, Sydney and Los Angeles. Each MDF card and plastic building takes several months to create.

Moe of his work here and here.


small-1 small-2 small-3 small-4 small-5

The excruciatingly detailed miniature monochromes of the American urban midwest by freelance artist Taylor Mazer, who uses a fine Micron pen to reveal the architectural light and shade of otherwise nondescript alleys and shadowy streets.

More of his work here and here.



Somewhere Small – a series of sculptural miniature treehouses constructed around houseplants and bonsai trees by artist and propmaster Jedediah Corwyn Voltz.

On view this month at Virgil Normal in LA if you’re passing.


Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 02.30.22

The first two in a series of deftly stage-managed animated projections by Skullmapping wherein a tiny chef endeavours to prepare meals on a dining table.


rosa-1rosa-8 rosa-7 rosa-6 rosa-5 rosa-2

Micro Matter – a series of seemingly gravity defying miniature tower houses and other structures created inside large test tubes by Amstedam-based art director Rosa de Jong.


AERIUS-Drone-on-Fingertip AERIUS-Mini-Drone

Bless. This’ll cheer you up.

The AERIUS mini drone ($35/€31.90).

3cm x 3cm x 2cm, preprogrammable aerial manoeuvres and on board LEDs for night flying.