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Behold the Project Force Land Rover Discovery – a heavily modified D130 with (among other things) upgraded suspension, disc brakes, full roll cage, quilted custom leather interior and a swapped-in 6.2-litre LS3 Corvette V8 engine boosting the power from 134bhp to 565bhp.

Built to order by custom house ECD, price on demand.


Behold: the Nissan 370Zki (ski what they did there?)  – a 370Z Roadster lifted and adapted into  a one-off, rear-track-drive snowdster by American Track Truck.

There are no production plans yet but just look at it go.



Recorded at Don Quixote’s International Music Hall in Felton, California in 2011, musician James Hill demonstrates a ukulele modified with hockey tape, chopsticks, a comb and a rubber thimble from which he coaxes the most unlikely techno and hip hop beats.

After some charming preamble the music starts around 3.40.


Modder H1Vlg3’s Iron Man script for Grand Theft Auto 4 is no mere skin. The mod adds hand repulsor beams, the ability to fly, three-point landings and a range of animation and sound effects.

Download here.


An adorably destructive R2D2 mod for Grand Theft Auto IV.

Everyone’s favourite good-natured astrodroid starts off cute as you’d expect, turns nasty at 1:45 and goes ‘full Skyrim’ around 3:40.

You can download the mod here.


From Naoise at One Fab Day:

Just a little something I thought you might like, sent to us last week. A Quadrophenia-inspired shoot [at Bellinter House, Navan, Co Meath] using Super 8 by Best Day Productions…and the polaroids by Shane O’Neill.

The Modfather – Vintage Polaroid Eye Candy (One Fab Day)

Models: Danielle Moyes and Neal Dempsey
Music by The Little Rabbits: Une Belle Fille Comme Toi”


Unhinged game modders have created a Nyan Cat weapon for the online multiplayer Unreal Tournament 3.

If you’re so inclined, you can download it here, God help you.


A Special News Report.

We regret to inform you that the hostilities which recently broke out between Graham Linehan and The MODinator have now escalated.

We’re at DEFCON 3 here, people.

[UPDATE: First TedGate, now this fresh madness.]