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lego_turntable_00 lego_turntable_01lego_turntable_03
‘The Planet’ – a fully functional LEGO turntable (with matching tube-amp and speaker cases) made by Korean block enthusiast Hayarobi using 2,405 pieces of LEGO, a LEGO Power Functions battery box and M-motor and just one non-LEGO component – an Audio Technica phono cartridge.

Exhibited at the 2014 Seoul Brick Pop Art Exhibition

Note the clever use of LEGO tyres as tonearm counterweights.

Watch a demo here.


(Thanks Atticus)


An old anatomy model at TCD, photographed – on the verge of being dumped, having provided years of service to med students – by Anthony Edwards (Senior Clinical Photographer at St. James’s Hospital Dublin) – one of the finalists in this year’s Wellcome Image Awards.

The winner will be chosen on Wednesday.

G’wan the Tony.

MORE: The art of science – Wellcome Images 2015 (BBC News)

(Thanks John Gallen)

modelcars16modelcars17Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 21.25.19

A short documentary about model maker and photographer Michael Paul Smith and the wonderful world of Elgin Park – a meticulously detailed diorama series featuring miniature buildings and cars of the 1950s America brought to life with a hawk’s eye for detail and a nice line in forced perspective.

Now available in book form.

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