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With the 20th anniversary of The Matrix coming up next year, you’ll obviously be keen to decide a suitable pose for the one-sixth scale Neo you’ll shortly be purchasing from Hot Toys.

33cm tall, it comes kitted out with The One’s signature black outfit, four pairs of hands and ten guns.


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A timelapse of Wired staffers, friends and family building the biggest ever LEGO set over four days – the epic 7,500 piece Ultimate Collector’s Edition Millennium Falcon.


Behold the all-new 7,541-piece Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon – the biggest LEGO set ever.

With insane levels of detail, the ship can be configured to match its appearance in The Empire Strikes Back or the films of the latest trilogy and comes with ten minifigs from both periods, including old and young Han Solo.

If €799 seems a bit steep, it’s worth remembering that this set’s predecessor, released in 2007 (and with 2000 fewer pieces), regularly changes hands for over a grand on eBay..


BaremetalHW – a Youtube channel dedicated to full restorations of old die-cast cars.

Come for the accent, stay for the occasionally satisfactory before and afters.


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Model maker Adam Throgmorton demonstrates a fully functioning, beautifully constructed, deeply satisfying to watch doing its thing, tabletop rollercoaster.

For ants.


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Colm Walsh writes:

I thought Broadsheet readers of a certain age would appreciate this gem nestled in a dark stairwell of Kokoro Ramen Bar, South William Street, D2


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Seven cut-out-n-make paper models of Eastern European post-war brutalist architecture by Zupagrafika.

Build your own brutalist block for €17.

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