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Restoration house Memminger has been breathing new life into old VW Beetles since the mid 90s.

The Memminger Beetle Roadster 2.7 is more ground-up redesign than restoration – a 2.7l, air cooled, mid-engined, 210bhp, custom modification, limited to just 20 vehicles worldwide.


Behold the shameless trellis frame, brassy foil bodywork and powerful, exposed engine of the Aellambler Ducati Scrambler.

Feel your heart race. For the day that’s in it.


jeep-rock-rat-by-hauk-designs-4 jeep-rock-rat-by-hauk-designs-11 jeep-rock-rat-by-hauk-designs-6 jeep-rock-rat-by-hauk-designs-2

The Rock Rat by Haük Designs in Pennsylvania – a rat rod worthy of Fury Road.

To wit: a chopped, stretched 1947 Willy’s CJ2A with a 700bhp bus engine.


Depressed Copywriter sez:

Every time I see an example of corporate happiness I can only see the reality of life. I can’t help myself anymore. I can’t stop rearranging their copy.