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“In light of an article published in the Sunday Business Post, dated 08.06.14 we have detailed the facts on how Movember raises and spends funds as they were supplied to the newspaper but not detailed in the article. As a result we feel that the article did not accurately represent how funds are allocated. Movember is incredibly proud of its low fundraising ratio which we work hard to achieve, as in reality the Irish Movember campaign’s fundraising costs are 6% not 23% as stated. We believe this ratio demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that maximum funds are directly invested in men’s health programmes across Ireland and the world…”

Financial summary Ireland for Movember (Movember.com)

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Don’t ever shave.

Eoin Kernan writes:

My girlfriend Karolina, her friend Vicky and their Mosistas [Caitriona, Aoife, Elissa, Emilie, Elaine, Katie, & Vikki] have produced a video to congratulate and celebrate all the Mobros out there who took part in Movember (including my good self!). Even my sister in Australia makes an appearance….



Movember is nearly over.

Thank Christ Sad face.

A lovely tribute by Joe Copage who writes:

During the last few days of Movember, I hooked up with my Mo Bros, to document their growth.  Massive thanks to all who took part.  Special thanks to my Bro Ethan for filming Dad and Myself.  Shot on Canon 550d.


Guess the music, anyone?

Thanks Simon


Frosted highlights?

John Gallagher writes:

My friend  Karl Lumsden (above), doing Movember for a charity very close to his heart, would love if you could give him a mention. Our company will match whatever he can raise.