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Burger Fiction’s compilation of their 100 favourite movie lines delivered prior to the kill, adding:

Use these at your own risk. We don’t condone murder.


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Editor Jacob T Swinney sez:

Many filmmakers pay homage to other films, but Tarantino takes things a step further by replicating exact moments from a variety of genres and smashing them together to create his own distinct vision.

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Featuring the hits: ‘Have to Pee!’, ‘Penguin Llama (Penguin I’m a buy ya)’, ‘Dig, Dig, Dig, Dig (Dig Big Dick)’ and many more.


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Mario and Fafa discuss their top ten futuristic movie products that are better than, and that should be made instead of the imminent Nike Back to the Future power lace hi-tops.


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A long and bloody Auralnauts montage of all 539 confirmed kills by Sylvester Stallone in his movies to date.

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