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The ongoing works of San Francisco based muralist Mona Caron: indigenous and invasive species from Portland and Sãu Paulo to Spain and Taiwan.

She discusses the whys and wherefores of it all here.


Recent murals in London (corner of Brick Lane, pix 4-6) Germany and Italy by Spanish artist David de la ManoAhead of an upcoming show in London entitled ‘Adrift’ Hang Up Pictures sez of him;

In a world of those forced to flee, of poverty, of war and violence, David de la Mano paints his haunting figures as shadows looking for their place in the world. All united, they are travelling to a destination unknown. Boats with broken sails and women with animal heads drift without direction but are all linked by an uncertain journey.

More of de la Mano’s work here.


A new 1,020 square meter mural of the late Leonard Cohen in Montreal based on a 2008 photograph by Lorca Cohen and created by artists El Mac, Gene Pendon and a large team of assistants.

The mural required 10 weeks of work, 350 litres of paint and 240 cans of spray paint and features subtle red accents around the singer’s heart.

It was unveiled on Wednesday – just over a year after Cohen’s death.


Examples of the magnificently detailed monochrome murals of Sheffield-based artist Phlegm, including a new 5 storey tall robot (last 2 pix and video) on Chapel Street in Melbourne, Australia.


Felipe_01 Felipe_04 Felipe_05 Felipe_06 Felipe_07

Recent works by Argentinian/Spanish artist Filipe Pantone* for Lisbon Week.

Mmmm. Glitchy.

*’Pantone’ being an evolution of his original tag ‘Pant’, chosen when he was just thirteen and unrelated to his later colourful works.