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A world-touring installation created by Bristol based artist Luke Jerram – a seven metre  (1:500,000 scale) diameter model of the moon illustrated with detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface, illuminated from within and displayed in various outdoor and indoor locations.


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Opening to the besnorkelled public later this month, the Museo Atlantico is Europe’s first underwater art museum. Fourteen meters underwater off the canarian island of Lanzarote, artist Jason deCaires Taylor will be the first to exhibit .

His two hyperrealistic installations – The Rubicon, an assembly of 35 figures walking toward the great unknown, blind of staring down at their devices and The Raft of Lampedusa, a reference to collective responsibility and the ongoing Syrian humanitarian crisis.


frank-gehry-biomuseum-in-panama-designboom-01 g3 g2 frank-gehry-biomuseum-in-panama-designboom-09 frank-gehry-biomuseum-in-panama-designboom-07 frank-gehry-biomuseum-in-panama-designboom-06 frank-gehry-biomuseum-in-panama-designboom-05 frank-gehry-biomuseum-in-panama-designboom-04
The melon-twistingly asymmetrical $60m Biomuseo at the entrance to the Panama canal – 4000 square meters of exhibition space and a botanical garden dedicated to the biodiversity of the region –  designed by Frank Gehry and set to open shortly, ten years after construction began.


Museum Anatomy – a project that Laura Spector and Chadwick Gray have been running since 1994, involves recreating paintings from museum storage facilities as coup d’oeil body-art.

Painstaking, melon-twisting stuff.

Here’s how it all comes together.

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