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NERVVSnoise-rock from Dublin

What you may need to know…

01. “Ian and Tom play music in a garage”. An unassuming bio for Dubland “sick-wave” duo NERVVS.

02. Self-releasing debut E.P. Death House in 2015 on download and limited-run CD, the band have since being gigging around Dublin with other noise and lo-fi acts.

03. Streaming above is Death is Yours, from brand-new extended-player A Mixtape of Love Vol.1, officially released yesterday after premiering in its entirety last month over at The Thin Air.

04. A debut full-length is in the works, apparently, as well as upcoming collaborative releases.

Thoughts: Good, nasty, and noisy, NERVVS lurch between the heft early grunge and the elasticity of post-hardcore with ease.