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OSTNew single from Limrock soloist’s third album

What you may need to know…

01. Artist and musician Shane Harrington’s OST project continues his ongoing observations of life in New York City, and his own internal monologues.

02. After moving to New York from Limerick in 2011, Harrington released debut album Invisible Ink for Sketching Ghosts the following year, and followed up with last year’s drone-inflected Dreams During Hibernation full-length.

03. Streaming above is new single Homeless, the first from album #3, Uncaused, releasing September 19 on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. Pre-orders available now.

04. Harrington relates some of his experience with collaboration on this record:

“Guitars, bass, sequencers, synths, organ, engineering and mixing were all handled by myself. This contributed to the lengthy time it took to finish the album. Drums were played by Zoe Black, a homeless (at the time of recording) percussionist from Japan, who has since left New York.

“She was living out of a suitcase near Tompkins Square park when I met her and I feel she has elevated the songs with her unique jazz-influenced style. The final track contains a field recording of her singing with a gospel choir in Prospect Park. I do not know the name of the song, nor do I know what became of her.”

Verdict: Doing away with sampling completely has entirely changed Harrington’s trajectory, resulting in bare-bones, jazzy, post-rock excursions like this. This record could be one of the year’s sleeper faves.


El Colmado Butchery’s Hamburguesa with Bacon and Cheese Hard Times Sundaes’ Triple Burger with Cheese El Quinto Pino’s El Doble

hurch Street Tavern’s Tavern BurgerKorzo's Le Rivage’s French Onion Soup BurgerMinetta Tavern’s Black Label BurgerParm’s Patty MeltTelepan’s Bacon Cheeseburger The Gander’s Cheeseburger The Dutch’s Double Cheddar Burger


A mere gherkin slice of Grub Street’s insanely mouthwatering feature on the 50 most important burgers of New York.

Above:  El Colmado Butchery’s Hamburguesa with Bacon and Cheese, El Quinto Pino’s El Doble, Hard Times Sundaes’ Triple Burger with Cheese, Church Street Tavern’s Tavern Burger, Korzo’s  original Korzoburger with Emmenthaler cheese and bacon in deep-fried flaky dough, Le Rivage’s French Onion Soup Burger, Minetta Tavern’s Black Label Burger, Parm’s Patty Melt, Telepan’s Bacon Cheeseburger, The Dutch’s Double Cheddar Burger and The Gander’s Cheeseburger.

MORE: Burger Taxonomy (Grub Street)


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The financial district, downtown Manhattan, New York City.

Stpehen Farrell writes:

A photoshoot of about 80 Irish people living New York who came together this week in solidarity to support the YES campaign. Organised by Dublin-born Wall Street Journal Journo Quentin Fotterell (top right), novelist Belinda McKeon (top left) and others. Yes!.. Equality Street…

Why do all the hot ones go?


Pics: Snori Sturluson