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2012-07-29-13.35.52-768x1024[Alisha following her attack]

In 2012, Alisha Jordan, then aged 18, from Co Meath arrived in New York to play Gaelic football for the Cavan Ladies of New York…

At the peak of her fitness and hard work after the championship Alisha looked forward to getting ready for the next season…Walking home from a night out in New York Alisha was horrifically attacked by a male stranger who smashed her in the face with a concrete slab.
Alisha had to undergo two reconstructive surgeries, the first, an eight hour surgery to insert 10 metal plates and twenty-two screws to re-build her fractured skull. She then had reconstructive surgery to her nose to build it again.

Regaining her sight, walking and then running, against all of the odds and the doctors requests, Alisha worked every day at rebuilding her strength and friends, family and her team mates stood by her all the way….


Alisha (holding trophy) with the Cavan Ladies of New York following a championship win.

Alisha continues to play for Cavan in New York and she also plays for the New York team who are due to play the Junior Championship in Ireland this August.
“I love the sport now more than ever and it will always be a vital part of my life. Since I was young and playing with my home club Skryne [Co Meath] I fell in love with the amazing support system that surrounds being part of a team…Above all, the whole attack made me not realise the bad that’s in the world that could hurt me, but the unbelievable good that’s in our everyday life. I’m very happy the latter outweighs the first”

Alisha Jordan – The Sport That Saved My Life (Kelly McGill, WomanSportsJournal)

[From top: Secretary General at the Department of the Taoiseach, Martin Fraser, and Ambassador of Ireland to the US Anne Anderson with US President Barack Obama in September 2013]

Senan Molony, of the Irish Daily Mail, reports this morning that a public row broke out between Ms Anderson and Mr Fraser in the lobby of the Fitzpatrick Hotel in Manhattan, New York, at around 12.10am on St Patrick’s Day.

Mr Molony, who witnessed the argument, said it lasted for about ten minutes, with both parties pointing their fingers at each other, and that it continued from the lobby to the lifts, in front of about a dozen people.

Mr Molony writes [not online]:

At one point, she said: ‘You are calling me a liar, Martin. I am not a liar. It was a misunderstanding.’ At another juncture, she raised her voice and said: ‘If I had known what the Taoiseach wanted, of course I would have done what he wanted.‘ The origins of the row are unclear.



Pics: Merrion Street and Wikipedia


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