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Earlier today.

At the European Parliament in Strasboug.

During a discussion about the Paradise Papers.

MEP and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage says the funding for these papers came from George Soros.


Thanks John Gallen

UKIP leader Nigel Farage to stand down (BBC)

Last night.


Drinking foreign beer.

Ross Atkins tweetz:

Who’s this having a beer in the European Council canteen? Mr Farage has much to celebrate.

If young Nigel says he’s happy then he’s happy.

Earlier: “They Stood Up And Said ‘We See The EU For What It Is'”

EU Summit (Irish Times Blog)


John Gallen writes:

Spotted this on Feckbook, Alan Partridge and Nigel Farage striking the same pose, on a boat, on the Thames yesterday :)

Yesterday: Rat Joins Sinking Ship




Pic: Wikipedia


Nigel Farage MEP, of the United Kingdom Independence Party, yesterday.

David O’Neill writes:

I loathe UKIP but he’s not wrong on anything he’s saying here.


“If they don’t get the Drachma back, you will be responsible for something truly, truly horrible!”


MEP Nigel Farage tears his own parliament a new one.