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Four buskers on Grafton Street, Dublin with their decibel levels

Shane D writes:

Further to all the Busking Noise Hullaballoo, some science is needed. I got interested in this one day during the summer when lots of buskers were out out of Grafton Street. I downloaded an app to measure decibels and which also allows you to take a photo of the source at the same time. The results were interesting.
The loudest busker I recorded was 93 decibels. That is almost four times louder than the average background street noise of about 74 decibels (The decibel scale is logarithmic). Most “miked-up” buskers came in at 90-92 decibels, though I once recorded one at 97 decibels! Non-boosted performers come in at 75-83 decibels. That is over five times times quieter than their electric cousins…

Outside the Dail within the last hour were from top: Labour TD John Lyons and Senator Katherine Zappone (pic 1 and 2); Richard Smith; Michelle Crean; Chris Wong and members of Noise.

Noise are an “independent non-party political group campaigning for the provision of civil marriage for all people in Ireland irrespective of gender and sexual preference, and claim that the Civil Partnership Bill passed by the Dail does not go far enough, highlighting a lack of rights of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender parents and their children.”

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)