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Further to Anne Marie F.’s suggestion, Shane Delahunty writes:

Had started tracking these around the city…

Red-Nosed Remaindeers to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked Red-Nosed Remaindeers


Having a rough day?

Spare a thought for Daniela Liverani, 24, from Edinburgh.

Ms Liverani believes she picked up the leech in Vietnam or Cambodia, but even when she felt it moving up and down her nostril, she thought it was a blood clot. She told BBC Radio Scotland: “Your initial reaction isn’t to start thinking, oh God, there’s obviously a leech in my face.”

Woman finds three-inch leech in nose after South East Asia trip (BBC News Scotland)

(Pic: Caters/BBC)

(H/T: Paidraic Ryan)

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From the long since retired but still internet-relevant website Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses wherein celebrity snoots were once mercilessly Donatelloed, Raphaeled. Leonardoed and Michelangeloed.

But you knew that.