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Galway City Tribune Feb 27

Job applicants and people who have been offered a post at the university have also been asked: “Do you suffer any breast problems? Have you ever been treated for gynaecological problems? Have you ever suffered prostate problems?”

NUIG, according to the questionnaire, says that the questions are necessary to establish if the appointee is “fit for the job”.

If he or she can, “carry out the job without any undue risk to the health and safety of themselves or others at work”.

And that NUIG “will have reasonable expectation that the appointee will provide regular attendance at work until retirement”.

NUIG staff up in arms over ‘invasive’ health quiz (Connacht Tribune)
Irish Examiner: NUI Galway form asks job applicants about their menstrual cycles


Free Friday?

The demonstration will take place outside a special meeting of the Governing Body of NUI Galway, which is in the Aula Maxima and starts at 10am. We want to show them the depth of feeling that exists about the blatant discrimination against women in senior roles at NUI Galway and demand the Governing Body tells the university management to put it right. We want them to set the university clear goals for gender balance in all senior posts and roles, and to tell the management to promote the five  women lecturers not promoted in 2009 and the 17 not promoted in 2014.

Demonstration For Gender Equality In NUI Galway (Facebook)

Micheline’s Three Conditions


Meanwhile, in today’s Irish Daily Mail, Alison O’Reilly and Neil Michael write [not online]:

A second burial ground has been discovered near the site of the former mother and baby home in Tuam. It adjoins the controversial septic tank site at the centre of the baby deaths’ scandal that erupted in May. According to archive plans, it is at least three times the size. Documents also show Galway County Council planners have known about the additional burial ground since at least 1979.

Catherine Corless, who discovered that 796 babies died in the Tuam mother and baby home run by the Sisters of Bon Secours, has already passed details of the grave on to Children’s Minister James Reilly. The researcher met the Minister three weeks ago as part of discussions he is having with interested parties, before he draws up the terms of reference for the Government’s investigation into the homes.

[Ms Corless’] latest discovery shows the area of land used to bury babies who died at the home could be considerably larger than first thought.

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Power To Exhume

Investigating the Tuam Mothers and Babies Home: A Question of Human Rights

Irish Centre for Human Rights (NUI Galway)


[A No poster at NUI Galway ahead of yesterday’s referendum on marriage equality]

The NUI Galway student body has today voted to support marriage equality following a referendum held yesterday as part of the NUI Galway Students’ Union Elections 2014.

A total of 2,333 votes were cast, with 2,214 votes cast in favour of marriage equality, 114 votes against and 5 spoiled votes. The ‘yes’ vote accounted for 95 per cent of the electorate.

NUI Galway in landslide equality ‘yes’ vote (Galway Independent)

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Two undergraduates at NUIG Galway (top) lip lock this afternoon in protest at provocative Pro-life-style postering around campus while (above) a member of the Christian Society clings to a poster display holder.


A WarningTo NUIG Students (Fedayn, Rabble.ie)

How provocative, you ask?




This had better be for charity.

From NUI Galway:

In an Irish University, a few guys came together who wanted to do something for charity and also promote the best university in Ireland which had given us so much, something different, something new, something exciting. ….Like and share to raise money and awareness for 1Life, suicide prevention. With every view, we will be able to donate 50c to our charity from our sponsors (up to 20,000 views).