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The cephalotastic work of ceramic artist Keiko Masumoto – her oeuvre being traditional vessels incongruously intersected by things – in this case, octopi.

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octo-4 octo-3 octo-1

The Staten Island Ferry Disaster memorial – a weathered monument in Manhattan’s Battery Park commemorating the 400 passengers who perished on November 22nd 1963 when the ferry Cornelius G. Kolff was attacked by a giant octopus, their fate overshadowed by the assassination of JFK that same day.

A rather wonderful multimedia hoax created by artist Joe Reginella.


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A 1938 Underwood typewriter fitted with bronze tentacles created by artist Courtney Brown for the San Luis Obispo Museum of Arts’ annual California Sculpture SLAM.

It won first prize.


Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 23.14.06

A tiny octopus (first discovered 20 years ago) that may soon be named Opistoteuthlis adorabilis, on account of the adorbz what it has.

The honour of naming a new species always goes to the first scientist to thoroughly classify and describe it, in this case, Stephanie Bush of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

It’s cute, but it’s no Squishy.



The Iyashi Octopus Sucker Massage (around €67) is a set of silicone Squidward hands, or, according to the blurb:

…one of the most unique massage tools we’ve seen in Japan. It be turned inside out to massage your feet and hands. Just slide in your hand and let the “octopus” get to work. Or you can keep the suckers on the outside and use it to apply a special quasi-acupuncture suction session to your back, neck or other parts of the body.

Ah here. Steady on.


tumblr_lwfddstEch1qawuaao1_1280An utterly cephalotastic depiction of a ’17th-century octopus contessa dressed in her finest court attire, with her beloved squid’ by illustrator Omar Rayyan


octo-1 octoclose octo-4 octo-3 octo-2Puerto Rican artist Alexis Diaz spent the last week applying thousands of tiny brushstrokes to create this unholy meld of elephant and octopus on Hanbury Street off Brick Lane in London.

It is somewhat awesome.


A cute octopus moves the tin can it adapted as its home away from a nosy diver.


But, lest we’re tempted to underestimate the cephalopod, here – in the interests of balance – is a photo sequence of one turning the tables on a hungry gull and devouring it whole.