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The-City-Tempest Times-Square-Lights the-market-street-steamvent citylightsThe-Last-Light-of-San-Francisco rooftop Manhattan-Nights Hells-Kitchen
The sublime cityscapes of San Francisco based painter Jeremy Mann.

Turning oil into light.

This is how you do that.

Above (from top): The City Tempest (2013); Times Square Lights (2012), The Market Street Steam Vent (2012); Untitled; The Last Light Of San Francisco (2013), Rooftops In The Snow; Manhattan Nights (2013) and our personal favourite Hell’s Kitchen (2013).



[From top: Eddie Hobbs with contributing authors; Hobbs; Hobbs with Chris Sanders and Eilis Quinlan whose father,former Labour Minister and European Parliament member Justin Keating (on screen) who in 1975 introduced the first substantial legislation for the development of Ireland's oil and gas; Book cover]

The launch of ‘Own Our Oil: The Fight for Irish Economic Freedom’ by Eddie Hobbs in the President”s Room at the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin this afternoon.

Mark writes:

In ‘Own Our Oil:The Fight for Irish Economic Freedom’ Eddie Hobbs and contributing authors shine a light on the exploitation that surrounds Ireland’s oil and gas reserves. The authors illustrate their ideal economic model for a healthy and prosperous Ireland, in contrast to the current management of oil and gas reserves in Ireland….


Own Our Own Oil

9030169990301698903016979030169590301694An oil-laundering plant discovered  by revenue officials on Friday in an industrial estate in the Ballycoolin area of Blanchardstown.

The ‘factory’ apparently had a capacity to launder over 2.5 million litres of fuel and is the first such find in Dublin.

According to Revenue the plant used the “relatively unsophisticated method of fuel laundering which involves filtering the fuel through cat litter”.

(Photocall Ireland)

The “real map” of Ireland from the Marine institute showing Ireland’s designated Irish Continental Shelf.

The South Porcupine basin identified by Petrel Resources as containing one billion barrels of oil.


One Billion Barrels Of Oil Found Off The South-West Coast (Irish Independent)

The Real Map Of Ireland (Marine.ie)

How Norway did it (Video) via Virginia Thomas

Map via Eamon Leonard