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Inspired by Randall ‘xkcd’ Munroe’s Map of Online Communities, Slovakian designer and map-maker Jay Simons sez of his highly ambitious and ongoing art project:

Map of the Internet – First of its kind on such a scale, this map aims for succesful compendation of The Internet to scale suitable for standartized online navigation. This project is still underway, new versions of this map will be available in ulterior months.
Due to the immense size of the Net, only a miniscule portion of it was chosen to represent it on the map. Otherwise, this map would be unreadable and probably undrawable in entire lifespan of average human being. This poster includes one full map of the internet, 4 minimaps showcasing NSA surveillance, most used social networks, most used internet browser, and worldwide internet penetration, list of Alexa Top 500 websites, quick timeline of the Internet History, top software companies and much more!

Full sized scrollable map here


sirenSiren, the feminist magazine that took issue (and they weren’t alone) with an especially strident and misleading Youth Defence poster last Summer, launched an online edition today.

Sirenette Fiona Hyde writes:

On the site at the moment, we have: an article by Darragh McCausland on being stalked for a decade by a stranger called The Intensity of Her Stare, an article by Michael Garvey on growing up gay in Ireland called Playing House, a piece from our print edition by Megan Nolan on friendship after a big relationship called Looks Like We Made It, and two photo essays by Cait Fahey, one called That’s Mine on her relationship with her brother, and one titled A Vision in Purple on women standing against domestic violence in the Irish Islamic Cultural Centre.


You may allow it to lure you onto the rocks here.

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Blogger Leo Traynor recounts his terrifying online experience at the hands of a particularly nasty troll, how he tracked the bridge-dweller down to an Irish IP address and the shock that lay in store when he did.

A story that will make your skin crawl, told well.

People kept asking me ‘Why you? Why would these guys want to have a go at you?’ I couldn’t answer them other than it was a couple of random nutters who didn’t appreciate my political views or ethnic origins. Or even someone who couldn’t solve my cryptic crosswords!

The whole thing escalated in June, July and August this year. I received more and more abuse on the timeline and via DMs. A crossword clue account I’d started (@Leo’sClue) was inundated with abuse too.
Then one day something happened that truly frightened me. I don’t scare easily but this was vile.

I received a parcel at my home address. Nothing unusual there – I get a lots of post. I ripped it open and there was a tupperware lunchbox inside full of ashes. There was a note included ‘Say hello to your relatives from Auschwitz’ I was physically sick.

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(+ Hat tip: Tom Lowe)