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Sibling of Daedalus writes:

I was struck by the Aran-sweatered beauty that graced the poster of [this week’s] Nialler9’s Gig of the Week (above) and, as part of my ongoing hunt for forgotten Irish beauties (male and female), did some research.

The model is an Irish-speaking girl from Rathfarnham [Dublin 14] called Orla Ni Shiochain who rose to fame in 1950s Paris as a house model for Nina Ricci. To wit:


….the head designer for Ricci at the time was the very talented Jules Crahay who trained with Dior and was a key figure in transitioning fashion from the New Look to a more contemporary style. Orla was included in an interview with Life Magazine that Jules and his house models did in 1960.

Orla married a Frenchman, and died some years ago. The photograph shown on the poster (top) is one of a series taken in her parents’ back garden when she was home for Christmas 1962. You can see the full set on the Irish Photoshelter Archive here.

Sibling Of Daedalus