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You may recall Broadsheet’s popular Paint My Pet competition with PawPawPawPaw personalised pet portraits.

Behold (top and above) Buddy, the winning pet.

Artist Jane Fogarty of PawPawPaw chose Buddy for the hearty-tugging back story.

Owner Clare recalled of her late pet: “He was the most loyal, placid,and compassionate fella. He was the one person that was always there regardless, sharing garlic cheese chips together at 4 in the morning,or just licking my face when I wasn’t myself.”


Thanks all.


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Painting Surgeries by French Canadian artist Marie-Lou Desmeules, an alarming blend of ‘performance, painting, sculpture and photography’. To wit:.

Marie-Lou works directly on her models. She covers them under acrylic paint, clothes, plastic, paper & hair to create sculptures out of them. The final artworks are photographs of the living sculptures.In her series “Celebrities”, Desmeules (re)creates pop culture icons and famous personalities. Her work questions the notion of beauty, the growing plastic surgery industry, genders & identity.


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From Moscow-based photographer Alexander Khokhlov’s 2D or not 2D and Angry Beards projects in which – with the help of makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan and retouching expert Veronica Ershova – heexplores the transformative power of paint and makeup.

Inspired by two-dimensional posters, comics, pop art, paintings, pixelated images, and cartoon characters Khokhlov explains:

Valeriya used different techniques of face painting so you can see a lot of variations – from sketch and graphic arts to water-colour and oil-paintings. This is a combination of interesting make-ups, studio photography experiments and careful retouching.

And if you like these, check out  Khokhlov’s Weird Beauty series.