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A mesmerising video of paint, soap and oil mixing together by director Thomas Blanchard and photographer Oilhack.

Filming took 4 months and the final edit uses only 2% of the captured footage.

Full screen for best effect.




Florida signwriter Daniel Weininger’s handpainted paper signs.

His skills. Let him show you them.


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The art of 29 year old Italian boxer and painter Omar Hassan, who stretches his canvases over cardboard to prevent them tearing as he pounds them with paint-dipped boxing gloves. The ‘paintings’ – part of a series he calls ‘Breaking Through Milano’ – sell for between €8,000 and €40,000 apiece, which he calls “a great satisfaction, but not the goal”.



You may recall Broadsheet’s popular Paint My Pet competition with PawPawPawPaw personalised pet portraits.

Behold (top and above) Buddy, the winning pet.

Artist Jane Fogarty of PawPawPaw chose Buddy for the hearty-tugging back story.

Owner Clare recalled of her late pet: “He was the most loyal, placid,and compassionate fella. He was the one person that was always there regardless, sharing garlic cheese chips together at 4 in the morning,or just licking my face when I wasn’t myself.”


Thanks all.


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