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Spotted on Monday.

Mick Moore writes:

Is this the worst parking in Ireland this week? Makes the corner dangerous for cars, blocks the pedestrian crossing, hell for the blind, those in wheelchairs and people pushing buggies.

And the icing on the cake, blocks the cycle lane.

Clearway, Clanbrassil St, Dublin, 18:32 last night.

Retroboy asks:

Parked in clearway/cycle lane during rush hour. This happens almost every evening, causing massive disruption. Is there a better place to post these?

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Having fallen foul of Dublin City’s dual app parking charge snafu, Graeme Kelly writes:

The friendly clamper guy told us to appeal the €120 fine as we had made an effort to pay for the parking (we have receipt from Payzone) and it was a genuine mistake. Got this reply to the Appeal this morning. €20 cost for 2nd Appeal to ipas.ie

Context: The App Trap