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Ronan Emmet writes:

Got this lovely notice from permanent TSB.. 372% increase in bank charges….


G’wan An Post!

There you go now.

PTSB mortgage holders set for refunds after investigation (Irish Times)

Serious failure by Permanent TSB a ‘key factor’ in loss of at least 22 properties (RTE)


GK writes:

I switched to Permanent TSB a year ago due to their offer of no ‘extra’ bank charges (No quarterly fees or day-to-day transaction fees when you lodge €1,500 a month) etc. After one year of no transaction fees I got charged €45 in one month for Referral Fees. So, I called the bank and they said that because I was in ‘good standing’ they had turned on a ‘Courtesy Facility’ which allows me to go into the red on random occasions ‘to buy your bits and bobs and not get embarrassed at the checkout till’. This ‘Courtesy Facility’ costs €5 each time and can be charged up to three times daily. You have to request that it is turned off.Apparently it is in Ye Olde Terms & Conditions page 20 paragraph 4b. ‘Without prejudice….. etc…’ Be careful out there folks !


Are you with Permanent TSB?

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Peter Prunty writes:

Your readers might be interested to know about issues with the Permanent TSB Switching system. I completed the switching forms over two weeks ago now, but as yet have not spoken to my “Switcher Buddy”.

I have received account details, and even a new card, but no-one has called to inform me of a switch over date and when I can expect to start using my account.

When I rang last week, I was told the system was down, but could expect a call once it was back online. Again, I rang today, 5 days later, and the system is still down. No-one can tell me when it will be back online.

No communication has been sent to those potentially impacted, and the website contains no notice of a problem – see link below.

Their marketing campaign promises to “get back to basics”. Unfortunately it seems to be the same basic errors their competitors have been making…

A BANKING consultancy firm which famously proclaimed Anglo Irish Bank to be the “best bank in the world” has been hired by state-owned Permanent TSB to help reorganise its entire operations, the Irish Independent has learned.

New York-based Oliver Wyman was also named in the US Financial Crisis Inquiry as a secretive consultancy which advised Citibank in 2005 to ramp up its exposure to collateralised debt obligations (CDOs), the complex mortgage securities which caused the world financial crisis.

Nothing to see here. Move along people.

Controversial finance experts called in to help Permanent TSB (Independent)