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A gallery of satellite images taken – not vertically – but at an angle, published by Planet Labs.

To wit:

…the satellite imagery we’re most familiar with — taken straight down — flattens and obscures the visual cues we get from perspective, making the imagery appear like maps, not photos… from an angle, the view becomes altogether different: the mountains rise to their commanding height, valleys regain their depth, and background features recede into the distance. It’s like getting a view out the window of an airplane 450 kilometers high.

From top: Monte Fitz Roy in Patagonia; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Klyuchevskaya volcano in Russia and Bilbao in Spain.



In a follow up to this 2012 video, Brusspup presents a series of nifty trompe l’oeils.

The cup, camera and Rubik’s Cube illusions can be downloaded for your delectation and replication.


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Marc, from YouthTuber, writes:

We asked some Irish kids what they’d do if they could change the world. Their responses were definitely varied but there’s always room for more ice cream! :)

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