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In Phoenix Park, Dublin.


Thanks Paul Gonnelly




Outdoor gym, Glenarriff Road, Ashtown, Dublin 15.

This morning (above) and last Friday (top).

ParkHit writes:

What a difference a week makes! #parkHIIT is back tomorrow at 9! Who’s joining?

This afternoon.

Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Scenes on the second day of Storm Emma/Beast From The East ahead of a government-suggested curfew of 4pm until midday tomorrow.

Go Home.

Be with your loved ones, for pity’s sake.


Darren and Christopher Doyle hold the eviction notice they received from Phoenix Park authorities last weekend

Claire Scott, on Dublin Live, reports:

Homeless men have spoken out after their tents and belongings were taken by Phoenix Park authorities.

….The two men, Darren Doyle, 35, and Christopher Doyle, 28, were among an estimated 10-15 people who were issued eviction notices and were told to leave and remove their tents ‘as soon as possible’.”

….On Tuesday, they returned to the park to find their belongings and tents were removed despite the fact that they had left a note on cardboard in the door of the family sized tent explaining that they would be back to collect their items.”


Phoenix Park authorities take belongings and tents belonging to homeless (Dublin Live)


Lorraine Culligan writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but we need some help. This beautiful boy was found in the Phoenix Park today – no collar, no microchip, very friendly and well looked after. Someone has to be missing him. We can’t keep him so, if we can’t find his owners, we will have to bring him to the pound which we really don’t want to do… please share for us. Call 087 7454828.



Phoenix Park, Dublin this morning.

Sam writes:

“Fallow deer graze as the long grass which has been cut and bailed near the Papal Cross. Since the 1970s with the removal of hay these grasslands has been improving. Extensive open areas of grassland such as the ‘Fifteen Acres ‘ provide nesting sites for skylark. Grasslands which are remote from the main thoroughfares, are not cut and thus provide food and shelter for invertebrates and cover for small animals….”


(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)