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Jack Leahy, in University Times, writes:

“The photography company hired by College for the graduation season has defended its decision to offer “facial slimming” editing for €30.”

“Students who have their official graduation portraits taken by Lafayette Photography have the option of requesting the service when ordering prints from the company’s website. At €30, the service is at a considerably higher price point than other similar services including teeth whitening and skin tone editing, which are available for €10.”



Graduation Photographers Defend €30 “Facial Slimming” Service (University Times)

Pic: Lafayette Photography



Just two of a collection of photographs by J.J. Clarke, collected and placed online by the National Library of Ireland, what sez:

“JJ Clarke, from Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan, took the photographs between 1897 and 1904, when he was a medical student in Dublin. Dr Clarke’s photojournalistic approach to his subjects allowed him to capture vivid scenes from the daily lives of Dublin’s men, women and children.”

“Compelling in themselves, the images also show us how the city looked to writer James Joyce. His best-known works – the short story collection Dubliners, and the novels A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses – are all set around this time, when Joyce too was a young student fascinated by the world around him.”

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1897 – 1904 – Dubliners: The Photographs of JJ Clarke (National Library of Ireland)

Fo1 Fo2 Fo4 Fo5 Fo6 F03Surreal photo manipulations by 14-year-old Zev, known as ‘Fiddle Oak’, from Natick Massachusetts.

He created them with his sister Nellie, aged 17.


See how they make them here

Thanks Annie West via Tara McGowan

Flux Machine is a Tumblr of extraordinary gifs by Kevin Weir – archive photographs given a new lease of WTF via the magic of graphics interchange format.

It’s spectacular and hilarious and slightly disturbing. You should really go there this minute.

From Fatescapes: a Photoshopped image series by visual artist Pavel Maria Smejkal.

The originals are: Napalm Girl, Tank Man, Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima, Starvation in Sudan, and The Execution of Nguyen Van Lém.


Above: Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald; River Phoenix, K.D. Lang and Liza Minnelli;William S. Burroughs and Kurt Cobain; Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor; Johann Strauss II and Johannes Brahms.


Awesome People Hanging Out Together is a Tumblr filled with excellent photos of…well, you know.

Some you’ll have seen, others you won’t. Either way, worth a desultory browse.

8 limited edition prints by illustrator Jamie Sneddon and photographer Kevin Rozario-Johnson: a ‘giant nod’ to the world of 8-bit gaming.

From the top: Pac Manhattan (see what they did there?); The Flyover Squad; Swarm and Mario Kart Banana Peel.


On Wednesday, National Geographic selected its Best Environmental Photographs of 2010. Above, frogspawn nestles at the bottom of a Hungarian lake and a hummingbird faces down a viper.

Full winners gallery here, plus links to related pics.