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Paul Carroll, a Cork-based photographer and (full disclosure) a pal of ‘sheet cartoonist Mick Flavin, has spent the last seven years capturing “the action of Gaelic club games in unique surroundings around Ireland”.

Now he wants put the images together in one big buke.

Paul sez:

Gaelic Fields will  features the beauty of games played on the fields of Aran and Inisturk Islands, South Kerry and the Glens of Antrim to the urban landscapes of Cork, Dublin and Belfast and scores of locations in between…

Of his odyssey he adds:

…99 times out of 100 people were very nice, but wanted to know why a photographer had travelled from Cork to a Junior A football game in Dring, Co. Longford on a Thursday evening…”

A modest Kickstarter campaign [target: ten big ones] is currently active [see below] to ensure Gaelic Fields becomes a coffee table-topping reality.

Gaelic Fields (Kickstarter)





Images from the life and death of Pat Tierney by John Kelly

Wally Cassidy writes:

A good friend of mine documented for a book project  the last few years of Pat Tierney’s life. Pat was poet from Grafton St in the 90s, he established the Ballymun Rhymers Club and several community projects with the Dublin Aids Alliance. Pat, who had Aids, took his own life in 1996 aged 39,, and at the time my friend never got around to showing the photos. Last month he scanned his old negatives, some strong but excellent images [More images and Pat biog at link below].

The Moon At His Back Images of Pat Tierney By John Kelly (OnEdgeStreet)

Pics: John kelly



Emma deValera writes:-

Broadsheet readers, who know everything, may already be aware of the Phantom Siberia Photo Girl. She had her moment of fame earlier this week, after many years languishing in a dusty collection of photos belonging to the Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local Lore.

But what about the Phantom Irish Photo Boy?

I’ve been intrigued for some time about this stylish little feller romping through the photos of 60s and 70s Dublin in the Michael Walker Photo collection, National Library of Ireland. Is he a Very Junior Walker or just a random stray kid who tagged along at photo sessions?

Also, what’s up with the National Library of Ireland’s policy of brutally watermarking their photos? A very ‘commercial’ decision for a public institution intended to be for the benefit of all this country’s citizens. Perhaps their online curator has an explanation?


Michael Walker Collection (National Library of Ireland)


Brendan (in green)in Cambodia, part of the ‘Home From Home’ photo project

Photographer Katie Hennessy writes:

I was hoping your readers might enjoy this photo series [link below] based on the concept of home, something I started exploring when living in Japan. I began asking expat friends what their sense of home was when living abroad, I wanted to know how they kept themselves grounded..

I’m now looking to photograph people who have made Ireland their home. There’s a contact on the website [link below] if interested!

Home From Home

Pic: Katie Hennessy