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The top three winners in the 2018 Dronestagram International Drone Photography Contest because that’s an actual thing now.

From top: ‘Hungry Hippos’ by Zekedrone, ‘Fishing Net In Vietnam’ by Trung Pham and ’Two People, Two Dogs And Four Shadows’ by Yevhen Samuchenko.



Three of the winners of Scuba Diving magazine’s 2018 Underwater photography contest.

From top: a whale breach by Rodney Burial (the overall winner); a blanket octopus night-fishing by Cai Songda and The Pit, an underwater cave near Tulum in Mexico by Karen Smith.

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Photographer and filmmaker David Jazay tweetz:

Now “The Moy”, Dorset Street, Dublin 1 is gone, too. Oh, the speed at which Dublin is losing her built heritage… Most of the places I have photographed since 2014 are now demolished or changed beyond recognition.


David Jazay

Ten observations on photography by filmmaker Errol Morris, taken from his 2011 book Believing Is Seeing.

More on item 3 here.


(Image via Tech Radar)

Three images from the 2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year competition.

Above: Mobula rays migrating along the coast of Baja, California by Fillipo Borghi; a BSA M20 motorbike in the WW2 wreck of the SS Thistlegorm in the Red Sea off Egypt (Anders Nyberg); two male tompots face off over mating rights (Henley Spiers); a ‘spy hopping’ humpback whale and a sea otter off Shetland by Greg Lecoeur

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1000x macrophotography of  everyday items like salt, pepper, fruits and vegetable by Drew Geraci, who used a Sony A9 camera, a microscope and a slider rig to capture the detail.



Remember that Summer in Dublin?

Filmmaker Pete O’Doherty writes:

Barry Delaney (the photographer) spent three years down by the Custom House starting back in 2007 photographing those who hung about that area at the time…

Barry Delaney

Last night.

The Copper Coast, Ballydowane Bay, County Waterford

Photographer Kieran Russel writes:

Very Last minute dash to Ballydowane yesterday evening for a passing lightning storm. Got a fairly good strike rate but as it was almost completely dark composing the images became very difficult.

Above and here are the best of what I got. This is the second time I’ve managed to capture a lightning storm on the Copper coast , see the first occasion here

Kieran Russell

Andy Sheridan (the ‘Sheet’s favourite long exposurist) tweetz:

Dublin from Darkness into Light npening night; Thursday 22nd June 6-8pm The Copperhouse Gallery, Synge St, Dublin 8

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