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Then you may like this project called DART of Physics, led by Professor Shane Bergin, from the School of Physics and CRANN at Trinity College Dublin.

He and his team are giving online physics lessons for DART commuters.

This cannot end well.

They write:

“Over the course of eight weeks, starting on the 21st of October 2013, we’ll turn Dublin’s DART into our own laboratory and get the city thinking and talking about physics.”

“Discover and learn scientific concepts through tricky teasers, mind-melting facts and seemingly illogical questions that will be scattered throughout the DART. All you’ll have to do is look around you on your journey.”

“And if you want to know more, that’s what this website is for. Updated throughout the campaign, we’ll be blogging, responding to your questions and releasing interactive, illustrated stories that go deeper into the the lessons on the DART.”

“We promise you, this will not be the physics you avoided in school.”

More here

Thanks Fiona Blighe

Louise F writes:

Every time I pass this sign in Tesco, Cabra [Dublin], it annoys me. From my rudimentary knowledge of the laws of physics I think it’s impossible for something to create more energy than it uses as in a fixed system like this store. Energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only be converted from one form to another. Surely this sign is wrong then? But even if I’m wrong about this the sign is very annoying.