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Today’s Irish Star and last night’s Tonight with Vincent Browne.

Joe writes:

The boar was no rapist; he was a sweet caring swine who clearly respected the conventions of romantic courtship. Another travesty of justice inter-species breeders everywhere, and spare a thought for the jilted boar.

At the zoo’s Family Farm. Rosie the pig gave birth to her second litter: 10 mind-alteringly cute piglets, including two “runts” (above).

Eddie O’Brien, team leader at Family Farm, a joint partnership between Dublin Zoo and Agri Aware said:

“The piglets are full of beans and can be seen running around chasing after each other in their pen. We are keeping a close eye on two little runts in the litter, just to make sure they are getting an equal share of the food.”

Meanwhile, over at the cow area, say hello to Bella’s as yet unnamed second calf. Ratcheting up the squee to 11:

(Patrick Bolger)