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As if the “flying doughnut” and bicycle-esque seat weren’t bad enough, a new airplane seating arrangement threatens to eliminate every last ounce of air travelers’ dignity by forcing them to stare at one another for the duration of a flight.

It’s called the “economy class cabin hexagon” and it looks as awful as it sounds.


MORE: “Economy Class Cabin Hexagon” is every flyer’s worst nightmare (Fortune)

(H/T: Nelly Bergman)



A man pulled from the QR23 flight at Manchester Airport has been arrested on suspicion of making a hoax bomb threat, a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said.

Manchester Airport Alert: Live Blog (BBC)


Ingrid writes:

“Low flying military plane over the city [Dublin] this lunchtime. Anyone?



It’s heavenly.

Eric Stewart writes:

“In 1991,I  saw a man building an airplane in a barn in Iowa [USA}. I didn’t know you could do such a thing, but I knew instantly I’d build my own plane some day.

“N986BP is a Van’s RV-4 kitplane and took about 21 months and 5,000 hours to build. She’s named Banana Puddin’ after a song by my favourite band, Southern Culture on the Skids.”

Filmed near Wellington, Nevada and Mono Lake, California

Song: Major Tom, by Peter Schilling

Thanks Darragh McManus