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Poolbeg, Dublin, yesterday.

Sea Fishing Ireland tweetz:

More plastic nightmare at #Poolbeg over the Bank Holiday. Dog poo in bags. Was going to do an #angling version of #Plogging called #Dogging, but Er… #lostintranslation#savepoobeg (sic) #fishirl@broadsheet_ie@CleanCoasts#2minbeachclean

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Sea Fishing Ireland tweetz:

Every piece of plastic made still exists. Quix detergent. Made in Ireland priced 5d in pre-decimalisation (1971) money. Recovered recently from our seas.


This morning.

Dollymount Strand, Dublin

TV Presenter Amanda Byram at the launch of Sky Ocean Rescue [a campaign to encourage people to reduce their single-use plastic use] with a giant plastic humpback whale named Poly . A survey has found that 85% of Irish people are concerned by Ireland’s plastic usage. What Sky has to do with any of this is a mystery that may never be solved.

Sky Ocean Rescue

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

Ingredients; white marine plastic debris objects collected in two single visits to a nature reserve on the East Coast of England.

Ingredients; marine debris balloons collected from around the world.

Ingredients; disgarded fishing line that has formed nest-like balls due to tidal and oceanic movement. Additives; other debris collected in its path.

Ingredients; plastic debris that includes surface text. (ironic random arrangement of 4 pieces of plastic that suggest a warning; ‘Sea’ ‘AND’ ‘HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES’ ‘FOUL’)

633 marine plastic debris footballs (and pieces of) recovered from 23 countries and islands within Europe, from 104 different beaches, and by 62 members of the public, in just 4 months.

150 tonnes of pre-production plastic pellets (nurdles) spilt from a cargo container during Typhoon Vincente on 23rd July 2012 adds to Hong Kong’s waste issues in its seas and on its beaches.

Discarded cigarette lighters make reference to our single-use throw away society. The panda, a national embel of China represents endangered species and faces away from the group symbolising mother nature turning its back on man’s inability to take ownership of its waste.

Composites (with ingredients listed) by Leeds-based photographer Mandy Barker, who collaborates with marine scientists, collecting plastic debris from oceans around the world to document the worsening pandemic in her dreamily sinister Photoshopped swirls.

The recipient of a National Geographic Society Grant, Barker’s work will be on display at Photo London Art Fair 2018 next month.


Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 01.12.59

Russian Youtuber Egorov has invented a device that allows him to unravel usable ‘string’ or narrow tape from plastic bottles.

The process is simple and very satisfying to watch.

*twitch, double-blink*



Similar to Wobblework’s heft-in-the-hand 3Doodler released early last year, London company LIX has created a much smaller and more ergonomic 3D pen (currently funding on Kickstarter) that also melts, cools and extrudes plastic, allowing the user to create rigid, free-standing structures.


vertical-7vertical-1vertical-5vertical-4vertical-8A wall of suspended planted soda bottles which featured on the Brazilian TV show Lar Doce Lar (Home Sweet Home), created by design firm Rosenbaum.

The simple and effective design struck such a chord with viewers that the company has since released an (admittedly simple) how-to schematic.