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Russian Youtuber Egorov has invented a device that allows him to unravel usable ‘string’ or narrow tape from plastic bottles.

The process is simple and very satisfying to watch.

*twitch, double-blink*



Similar to Wobblework’s heft-in-the-hand 3Doodler released early last year, London company LIX has created a much smaller and more ergonomic 3D pen (currently funding on Kickstarter) that also melts, cools and extrudes plastic, allowing the user to create rigid, free-standing structures.


vertical-7vertical-1vertical-5vertical-4vertical-8A wall of suspended planted soda bottles which featured on the Brazilian TV show Lar Doce Lar (Home Sweet Home), created by design firm Rosenbaum.

The simple and effective design struck such a chord with viewers that the company has since released an (admittedly simple) how-to schematic.



Seamus Hegarty writes:

Don’t know if you heard, but today in Cork there was a street art attack by Camden Palace Hotel. Over 400 flowers made from plastic bottles were displayed on islands on Princes Street this morning.

Short on cash but long on imagination, the city of Kaunas in Lithuania approached artist Jolanta Šmidtienė to design this year’s Christmas display. And this is the result: a 13-meter translucent ‘tree’ made from 40,000 recycled green bottles, zip-tied together and illuminated from within at night.

Apparently, Šmidtienė didn’t use a cent of the budget set aside by the city council.