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Kill them. Kill them with fire.

(NB: Broadsheet does not condone the conjuring of huge plumes of flame from burning plastic)


(Hat tip: Aaron McAllorum)


Seamus Hegarty writes:

Don’t know if you heard, but today in Cork there was a street art attack by Camden Palace Hotel. Over 400 flowers made from plastic bottles were displayed on islands on Princes Street this morning.

Short on cash but long on imagination, the city of Kaunas in Lithuania approached artist Jolanta Šmidtienė to design this year’s Christmas display. And this is the result: a 13-meter translucent ‘tree’ made from 40,000 recycled green bottles, zip-tied together and illuminated from within at night.

Apparently, Šmidtienė didn’t use a cent of the budget set aside by the city council.