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‘Twas the night before Xmas
And all through the Broadsheet site
ABM was bah humbug
Along with the rest of the far right
Bodger had his stockings hanging
Moynes playing Wham on loop
Clampers was buying Pampers
Whilst shopping with Spaghetti Hoop
Scottser had put the kids to bed
And sat down by the fire
Don had wrapped all the presents
And wished for her Xmas desire
All of a sudden the site crashed
There was no access
Was it a DDoS?
that left the site in a mess?
Moynes jumped in anger
And let out a roar
There stood DOB’s solicitors
Three of them at the door
They exclaimed at poor Moynes
‘We can assure we will sue’
Everything seem fruitless
What could BS do?
The threat seemed real
And a horrible stinker
They got straight on the phone
To Legal Coffee Drinker
A letter was forthcoming
As they did up a reply
They figured to themselves
‘This we shall enjoy’
“DOB you have been bad,
Scaring everyone on your list
I’m sure Santa is looking at you
And feels very pissed
Your legal threats are nothing
Santa is bringing you coal
And take your legal threats
And ram them up your hole”



Broadsheet will be open all next week operating a lighter schedule. Happy Xmas all.


Never mind.

Try this…

Therese Caherty  writes:

Poets Louis de Paor and Catherine Ann Cullen, along with veteran arts critic Ciaran Carty are the judges for the international Thomas MacDonagh poetry competition to be launched in Dublin today
Organised by Reclaim the Vision of 1916, the competition invites original entries of not more than 30 lines, not previously published, including on social media, on the theme ‘The Vision of 1916: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’.
The author of the winning poem will receive a €1,000 prize and a medallion (above), designed by artist Robert Ballagh, of the poet and 1916 Rising leader, Thomas MacDonagh. The second and third prize winners will receive €500 and €250 respectively.
Entrants must be aged over 16, can be living in Ireland or abroad and, in keeping with the vision of 1916, are particularly welcome from Ireland’s new communities full details of entry requirements are at link below Entries can be in English, Irish or any language commonly used in Ireland today (with English translation).

Reclaim 1916

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 13.16.50

Alan Shatter, Dublin TD and former Justice Minister

Time for a ‘rick-off?

Complete this rhyme:

There was a part-time poet called Shatter…

Lines must close at 2pm 3pm


dublin south


‘Yes’ canvassing last night from top: Charleville, Co Cork ; Dublin south and Sligo

Easy And Clear

This one is easy. This one is clear
It’s not usually easy.
Most of the time, when you knock on the door,
And you clear your throat when they answer
You’re at the end of a long process.

You read too much and argued too much,
And it wasn’t easy or clear.
But you picked a side and followed the colours
And when they opened the door you smiled
As if it was easy and clear.

But here, now, this time, at last,
It is easy and it is clear.
Easier than voting for love, for equality.
Now we can vote for the right to look
At our friends in the eye, as equals.

John Moynes

Pics via Yes Equality


“Camden Street, Harcourt Street, George’s Street, Smock Alley.
No bells from the churches, no urban foxes, no first snowflakes.
Just the boom-boom of a bass, somewhere in the distance.
Rats skittering, across sodden blankets, beds of needles.
On our journey, people laughing, having the craic.
Making the most of their night out, under Christmas lights,
strung high on streets, over strung-out people.
On Grafton Street, a Gucci sign beams over the remnants of humanity.”

Enda Kenny on his time with the homeless in the Dáil this afternoon

Kenny gives personal ‘snapshot’ on plight of homeless (RTÉ)

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)