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Behold: the Porsche 911 Speedster concept – a 5.0l, 500bhp, flat-six version of the 911GT3 wrapped in Carrera 4 bodywork with vintage features (like a central fuel cap, two-tone paint and retro mirrors) hearing back to the original 356 convertible.

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The Zagato 356 Carrera Speedster – a hardtop (and coupé) recreation (based on photometric records) of a car originally ordered by Ferdinand Porsche for French racing driver Claude Storez in 1957 that was subsequently destroyed in a 1959 crash.

Nine examples of each have been made.

All 18 have been sold.


Behold: the 1965 Porsche 356 ‘Outlaw’ – a modified version of the 356C – the last version of Porsche’s first production car, subsequently replaced by the 911.

This special one-off has upgraded suspension, wheels, brakes and xenon lights that bring a modern driving experience to a classic chassis.

Love it, hate it or buy it for around €93,000.


A 1958 Porsche 550A Spyder – known as ‘The Giant Killer’ in the course of its illustrious racing career when the 1.5l flat four engine laid waste to Ferraris and Mercedes with twice the power.

James Dean met his untimely demise in just such a car – but not this one – a rare mint condition race winner that competed at Le Mans and the Nurbergring 1000km.

Currently up for auction – price to be set by the bidders.


6 minutes, 47.3 seconds on Germany’s legendary and notoriously challenging 20.8km Nürburgring Nordschleife – a new record lap time set this week by a preternaturally calm Lars Kern in the Porsche 911 GTS RS.

Sound up, full screen, lights off, imaginary steering wheel.


Behold: the 1957 Porsche 356A Carrera Speedster.

Named after the Carrera Panamericana road race, this would be the progenitor of the 911. 0-100km/h in 11 seconds and a top speed of 172km/h from a 1.5l 110bhp engine. Not bad for a 60 year old.

One of only three right hand drive models built, it’s yours for a frivolous €1.2 million.


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A Concours condition1955 Porsche 356 ‘Pre-A’ 1600 Speedster. Stored for 30 years in an underground garage in Belgium (the only Porsche of its kind in the country) and currently selling at auction (complete with a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, its first registration, and newspaper clippings covering its late ’50s racing history) for between €350,000 and €550,000.


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A 1957 Porsche 597 Jagdwagen 4×4 – one of 49 civilian versions of the short-lived German Army DKW Munga – an amphibious Jeep/Land Rover alternative of which only 71 were ever made because, at the time, Porsche didn’t have the production capacity to match the army’s demands.

Running, driving and currently up for auction between €200,000 and €230,000.