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Korean artist Yoo Hyun creates these extraordinary hand-cut paper pieces using nothing more than an x-acto knife and a household tweezers, slicing away sections of paper to create zig zags of varying widths.

Up close, the resulting patterns appear abstract. From a distance, or against a dark coloured background, they reveal hyper-realistic portraits.


PeterCombe11 6a-peter-combe-paint-chips-art-yatzerPeterCombe8 PeterCombe4 PeterCombe2 PeterCombe17 Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 12.19.56 PeterCombe3 PeterCombe9
Portraits created from layers of discs cut from paint swatches by San Francisco-based visual artist Peter Combe who sez of them:

These artworks transform and change subtly as the viewer shifts from his/her vantage point, there is a magic that occurs, a trick of the eye where color seems to occupy space—a void—at once ethereal, yet seen from another angle the whole appears as if a ghostly image, veiled in gossamer.