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The Winter PassingTipperary post-hardcore

What you may need to know…

01. Post-hardcore, indie, emo, and so forth: signifiers seem to make less difference to Tipp outfit The Winter Passing and their pristine pop as time goes on.

02. Having paid their dues over the past five years with endless Irish and UK touring, solo and in support of touring acts, the band last year released their debut album A Different Space of Mind.

03. Streaming above is the band’s new single, Significance, coming from the band’s upcoming E.P. Double Exposure, releasing through Big Scary Monsters in the U.K. in April.

04. Says guitarist Rob Flynn to DIY Magazine on the E.P.:

”This record is a lot more personal than any of our previous work. The songs touch on mental health and well-being themes, a central point being the anxiety caused by stability and instability in your life and dealing with your ability to ‘be ok’. This time the writing is more personal to each of us individually, and from a new stand-point in each other’s lives in comparison to ‘A Different Space of Mind’.”

Thoughts: Strident yet sensitive. Inspiring in its honesty, The Winter Passing’s perseverance is reaping its just reward.

The Winter Passing


Robocobra Quartetjazzy hardcore from Belfast

What you may need to know…

01. Despite their designation as a quartet, sax-laden spoken-word hardcore outfit Robocobra Quartet call on any of fourteen members for their incendiary live excursions.

02. Having gigged on the regular since 2014, the collective have done the festival grind, including Electric Picnic and Brilliant Corners Jazz fest, as well as having released a limited lathe-cut 7″ via Smalltown America.

03. Streaming above is the band’s debut album in its entirety, Music for All Occasions, recorded in studios and venues around Belfast city.

04. Available now in various formats from their Bandcamp. Having finished the UK/NI swing of their album launch, more UK/IE dates are likely for next year.

Verdict: Dour, downtuned, swaggering post-hardcore as a framework for world-weary spoken word broadsides.

Robocobra Quartet


Hope is NoiseCork alt-rock veterans release fifth album

What you may need to know…

01. The last time we stopped in with Hope is Noise, the lads were getting ready for their fifth full-length.

02. The story of Hope is Noise is a remarkable one, of four lads that got together in secondary school, and after years of touring, labels, UK/US press, and the usual passage of life like relationships and families, are still together eighteen years later, being conferred godfather status in the Cork scene as a result. A documentary on same is currently in post-production.

03. Streaming above is the aforementioned full-length, entitled Demons. A concept piece, each tune deals with a different worry or recurring thought. Available for download now, and on CD from next week at gigs and in Leeside institution PLUGD Records.

04. The band launch the record on October 8th in the Pine Lodge, Myrtleville, Co. Cork on October 8th, with the usual bus/ticket package for city folk. Joining them will be the returning Ten Past Seven, hardcore brow-beaters Horse, and new band Onkalo. Closer to home, they’ll be playing City Hall as part of the Great Irish Beer Festival from the 22nd to the 24th.

Verdict: Over the years, the lads have alternated between polished alt-rock and feral post-hardcore broadsides, and Demons sees them reconcile these urges to immediate and impactful effect.

Hope is Noise