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Niall De Buitlear writes:

Hello, I’ve been posting some graphics promoting a yes vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum to social media and they’ve been getting a response. I have just posted the images I’ve done so far to my online portfolio and thought you might be interested.

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Marriage Equality (Behance)


Of these digitally adjusted No-sters, Enda McNally writes:

Noticed a few No campaign posters for the Marriage Referendum earlier today and felt that their simple headlines really undersold the hysterical scaremongering we’re used to. I made a few quick changes in photoshop and would be very happy to digitally improve any other promotional material they have going. Let’s face it, they do need a bit of a dig out…

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No Campaign Posters Not Only Offensive Just Plain Wrong And I Should Know (Adam Ó Braonáin)


A late papal-flavoured poster for the next Euro 2016 football match against Poland.

Ciaran writes:

The latest in an ongoing Matchday Poster series by [sports website] Póg Mo Goal  for Ireland’s Euro 2016 qualification campaign. The latest poster is  by Dublin Based Design studio New Graphic. Previous efforts Vs Scotland; Vs Germany; Vs Gibraltar;  Vs Georgia

Póg Mo Goal 

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A collection of original WW2 British propaganda posters currently accepting bids at David Lay Auctions. Most guide prices are between £30 and £200 but the one on the top left (£800 – £1000 guide) is the most valuable. To wit:

ABRAM GAMES 1914-1996 “Blonde Bombshell” WWII ATS Recruitment Poster Printed for HM Stationery Office by Fosh & Cross Ltd. 1941 73 x 48.5cm Note: When this poster was first issued, Games was criticised for making the design ‘too glamorous’ and it was withdrawn. Games went on to design the official stamp for the 1948 Olympic games and the emblem for the 1951 Festival of Britain.