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Workers respond to reports of a pair of mylar foil balloons tangled in power lines at Long Beach California.

Let’s hope those helium-filled rascals don’t short circuit the lines, blow up the transformer and kill power across the neighbourhood.


fuuka ep12 nichijou ep2 scums wish ep8

From the strangely beguiling Power Lines In Anime – a Tumblr dedicated to screencaps of ‘power lines, power line support poles, lattices and rail overhead lines’ in Anime features.

And not before time, sez you.

Above (from top): stills from Fuuka, Nichijou and Scum’s Wish


haffner-3 haffner-6 haffner-5 haffner-4haffner-9 haffner-7

The neon landscapes of Grant Haffner – a mixture of acryllic, marker pencil and paint on wood panels, evoking childhood sunsets at Long Beach in Sag Harbor New York. Sez he:

For a small moment, in between this place and that, I am free from reality. My truck and I become a motion of blurred color, barreling through space and time. I like to keep my window open to listen to the sounds that traveling makes, to enjoy the smell of the landscape. Every trip is a new one, not one sunset is the same. On the road I am a part of the painting. I am movement, color, sound, adventure and emotions. This is my landscape.