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From top: Barrister Noel Whelan who most recently acted as legal counsel for An Garda Síochána at the Disclosures Tribunal; Gavin Duffy


“It is a wonderful office, I think in many ways it’s the most interesting office in our political system not least because the president has the capacity to elevate some issues, shine a spotlight on causes and groups which don’t necessarily get the appropriate attention. I think it has at times subtle, legal and political dimensions that are taken for granted.”

Barrister and political commentator Noel Whelan

Whelan may still make run for the Áras (Hugh O’Connell, Sunday Business Post)

Sources familiar with Duffy’s plans claim up to 15 councils are willing to nominate candidates. By law, councils must wait until Eoghan Murphy, the local government minister, moves the election writ, which is expected to be around August 28, before they formally nominate candidates.

Dragons’ Den star Gavin Duffy fired up for Aras tilt against Michael D Higgins (The Times ireland edition)


Pics; RTE/Rollingnews


Shirtless UFC giant Conor McGregor declares a, taut, inked, if light-hearted coup against President Higgins on the streets of Las Vegas Beverley Hills ahead of his bout against Floyd Mayweather.

Mr McGregor is reportedly going to net a ‘purse’ of around $127 million whether he wins or loses.

*kicks own head*


My left hook?

‘Chris Eubank’s valet’ writes:

Does Conor McGregor [in the Mayweather fight promotional material] look like a young Daniel Day Lewis playing Conor McGregor? Just me?

Thanks Jack Jones

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 13.23.28


From top: Candidates running in this week’s University College Dublin’s Student Union executive elections and votes being sorted and counted in UCD this afternoon 

Votes are being counted in UCD after students voted in their Student Union executive elections yesterday and Tuesday.

The latest results from the counts this afternoon show Marcus O’Halloran is leading in the UCDSU President race – with 493 votes (36%) ahead of Michael Foley who has 365 votes (27%).

Earlier this week, Mr O’Halloran released an apology to students after it emerged he was a member of a Facebook group, called ‘Girls I’d shift if i was tipsy’.

University Observer reported on Monday:

“The group, which as of this morning was open and public, consists of male UCD students and appears to have existed since 2012, with most of the activity taking place this February. All of the group’s members are men, and an early post in the group reads “right lads all girls have been removed from this group so its now a lads only group hence ya can talk more freely about girls id like to shift if i was tipsy”.”

“The latest post in the group is a photo of two students captioned with “Bitta cross breeding going on here” and two emojis depicting a white person and a person of colour wearing a turban, while another recent post shows two students, one male and one female, asleep in a bed together. Most photos in the group depict couples in nightclubs.”

“Complaints made about the group also addressed UCDSU presidential candidate Marcus O’Halloran’s membership of the group. O’Halloran has been a member of the group for over a year and has “liked” the majority of the page’s posts, including the two mentioned above. 22 of the group’s 47 members have cover photos or profile photos endorsing Marcus O’Halloran’s campaign for president.”

In his apology, Mr O’Halloran said:

“This group is not representative of my opinions on women’s rights or gender equality. There is a “Lad” culture prevalent across UCD and as president, I would like to run a sexual harassment awareness campaign to combat cat-calling and the objectification of women.”

Concerns raised over “derogatory” UCD students’ Facebook group (University Observer)

Pics: UCD Students’ Union

H/T: Catherine Healy

Barack Obama’s official second-term portrait, snapped in early December 2012 by White House photographer, Pete Souza and posted to the White House Flickr page yesterday, compared with the photo taken four years ago after the presidential election

Dude’s getting younger. And happier.

His predecessors didn’t weather their terms in office quite as well.


French President Nicolas Sarkozy has apologized in person to a policewoman who said she was the victim of a tomato attack involving the president’s teenage son, a police official said on Sunday.

The suspects, who hurled a tomato and a marble at the officer from the presidential palace last Thursday, were narrowed down to 15-year-old Louis Sarkozy and a friend he was with at the time, the official told Reuters.

“She said she saw a child’s face at the window, without being able to say for sure whether it was Louis,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Ah, rich privileged kids today. Sure they’re gas altogether.


They still call him ‘squee’ behind his back.

The primary concern among Cabinet Ministers relates to the President’s comments about the possibility of summoning the Council of State if the Government proceeds to ratify the fiscal compact treaty by legislation rather than referendum.
There were also some raised eyebrows in the Labour Party at the President expressing opposition to privatisation in the week that the Government decided to sell off stakes in State companies worth €3 billion.

So it has begun.

Let the best knee win.

Higgins’s Remarks On Treaty Alarm Ministers (Stephen Collins, Irish Times)

That speech including podcast here

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Plus: Squee And The Irish XV

(pic: Nigel stead/LSE)


Donations And Election Expenses (Standards In Public Office)

The President Elect (with First Lady Elect Sabina Coyne and election agent Kevin O’Driscoll) is presented with the formal notification of his election by Col. Joe Dowling outside his Dublin home literally a short time ago.

(Photocall Ireland)