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San Francisco’s Exploratorium science museum gets the word out with the help of Nicholas Hanna’s ‘Trike Writer’ – a three-wheeler fitted with a dot-matrix water printer.


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The slow but deeply satisfying gravity action of the Drip Printer, developed by Ted Kinsman at Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology’s College of Imaging Arts & Sciences.

The device prints one drop per second of anything from boring old ink to coffee, red wine or whatever you like, with adjustable drop density for halftones.


That’s right.

255,000 of them.

Senator Averil Power used Oireachtas facilities to print 73,000 calendars (Independent.ie)


Anon writes:

 Have you noticed there is no comments section open for that story (link above) in the Indo on Averil Power. Unlike say this story on Sinn Féin. Must be an oversight…

gifty GIFTY-1-doc

GIFTY – a concept camera by student Jiho Jang that captures up to five seconds of video and then spits out a series of frames that can be assembled into a flip book.

What you see here is a mock-up as opposed to a working prototype.

Damn. Someone tell that kid about Kickstarter.


The Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera, due out this August: a 10MP sensor and optional 2x3in ‘smudge-proof’, sticky-backed prints from its onboard Zink printer.

No word on the cost of consumables but, given the legacy of its predecessors, we’re guessing ‘not cheap’.



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