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Unrepentant jail bird Ricky English following a spell in chokey for helping to rob two bookies in Tullow, Co Carlow shares his thoughts on Ireland’s open prison system.

Please come again.

 Thanks Danny Fallon

[Sign outside Mountjoy Prison]

“A total of 12,489 offenders were committed to prison for a criminal offence in 2013. Of these, 69 per cent of committals were for sentences of less than three months and almost 90 per cent of committals were for less than a year. Only 1.7 per cent of committals in that year related to offenders convicted of a homicide or sexual offence. By contrast, 53 per cent of committals under sentence were for road and traffic offences, public order and social code offences or theft offences.”

Is it time for ‘ordinary’ crime to get the white-collar treatment? (Dr Diarmuid Griffin and Dr Joe McGrath, Irish Times)

Graham Hughes/Photocall Ireland