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This afternoon.

Outside the Amnesty International council meeting being held at the Citywest Hotel, Saggart, Co Dublin.

Eillen King (above) and other members of the Pro Life Campaign hold an ‘awareness event’ to highlight Amnesty Ireland’s call for the repeal of the 8th Amendment claiming it has nothing to do with the organisation’s founding principles.

Update: Placard lettering reads : ‘Amnesty pushes abortion and stays silent when babies born alive after induced abortions are left to die alone in hospital corridors

Yesterday: Meanwhile, At Government Buildings

(Mark Stedman/RollingNews.ie)

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This morning.

President Higgins delivering the opening address at the Amnesty International Council meeting, ‘Campaigning for Human Rights in the Contemporary World’ at CityWest Hotel.

(Mark Stedman/RollingNews.ie)


Ad in this week’s The Catholic Voice.

Alan Daly writes:

My favourite part is where she asks people to donate €5…or €10….or €50 or even €100 or €500 or €1000 or why not €5000!



Ringos Dave writes:

An ad on page 6 of this week’s Drogheda Leader from “Drogheda Christians”. I’m guessing that maybe I should hold back on submitting my idea for edible chocolate replicas of Oliver Plunkett’s head from the church gift shop….


BBC Reporter Alys Harte

Abortion: Ireland’s Dirty Secret.

On BBC3.

Ireland Stand Up writes:

This programme follows 24 year-old Tara as she travels to England for an abortion as well hearing from Sarah, who turned from being pro-life to a campaigner for change, after her first child was diagnosed with a fatal foetal abnormality.

[Reporter] Alys Harte believes these voices are a sign that the stigma surrounding abortion is lifting. But she is also struck by the determination of a new generation of pro-life activists, who want to retain the status quo. Gemma, 16, believes some people think it’s fine to have casual sex as they can just have an abortion, an attitude she doesn’t want in Ireland.

Alys hears from a consultant obstetrician working in Belfast who says that her advice to patients is clouded by fear. In Northern Ireland, doctors can be jailed for life for performing illegal abortions. The government even issued draft guidelines that threatened NHS staff with ten years in prison if they didn’t report suspicions of unlawful abortions to the police.

With unprecedented access to both pro-life and pro-choice campaigners as they take to the streets in both Belfast and Dublin, Alys Harte reveals the extreme lengths that young people are prepared to go to in order that their voices are heard in the debate.

Abortion: Ireland’s Dirty Secret  on BBC 3 at 9pm.


Northern Ireland abortion laws case granted judicial review (BBC)

cora sherlock

This year’s list has more scientists and more women working in the arts. And with more than a fifth of participants under the age of 25, these are not only women to take notice of now, but ones to watch in the future, too.

Any Irish?

Just Pro Life activist and property solicitor Cora Sherlock (arrowed).

Fair play though in…WHAT!?



Who Are The 100 Women 2014 (BBC)

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Bernie Smith
of Pro-Life group, Precious Life is interviewed in today’s Belfast Telegraph.

Q. Do you not think you are adding to a vulnerable woman’s distress by trying to make her feel guilty about her choice?

A. Let’s turn this around and look at child abuse. If there was a child abuser in a community is that not the responsibility of people in society to highlight how horrible child abuse is. Abortion is the ultimate child abuse and for a woman in that situation it couldn’t be made worse because there is nothing worse for a woman than to have an abortion. I have sat with women who were suicidal because they had an abortion because there was nobody to say to them beforehand there was another way.

Q. What about the young girl or woman who is suicidal because she doesn’t want to go through with the pregnancy?

A. Well what do we do when people are suicidal? Take a woman who has just given birth and she has postnatal depression. I suffered from severe postnatal depression and like many women I needed someone to help me through that difficult stage. Would eliminating that baby, killing that baby have prevented me from being suicidal? I needed medical intervention. In some cases women who are suicidal during pregnancy may even need to be institutionalised in some cases.

Q. Are you saying a woman who is feeling suicidal about their pregnancy and doesn’t want to continue with the pregnancy should be institutionalised?

A. Well if her life is at risk.

Q. So you would do this against her will?

A. Not against her will, but if someone’s life is in danger we immediately have to offer medical intervention. Abortion does not eliminate suicidal thoughts. Abortion causes suicidal thoughts. I don’t believe aborting a child for any reason is in anyway beneficial to that child.

Q. What about the young girl in the republic, raped and suicidal. Was it not cruel to force her to continue with her pregnancy?

A. Well how much more cruel would it have been to rip that child from her womb. A loving society offers support and help to women. If she was suicidal she should have received immediate psychiatric care and sometimes that involves medical intervention that would include hospitalisation and the proper medication. The right decision was made in this case not to abort the baby. She’ll never regret giving birth to her baby but she would have regretted an abortion.

Bernadette Smyth: ‘I’ve dedicated my life to anti-abortion campaign… I’m not going away’ (Deborah McAleese, Belfast Telegraph)

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