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From the Central Statistics Office…

In the year to February, residential property prices at national level increased by 10.7%. This compares with an increase of 8.1% in the year to January and an increase of 5.4% in the twelve months to February 2016.

In Dublin, residential property prices increased by 8.3% in the year to February. Dublin house prices increased 8.1%. Whereas apartments increased 9.1% in the same period. The highest house price growth was in Dublin City, at 9.2%. In contrast, the lowest growth was in Fingal, with house prices rising just 3.7%.

Residential property prices in the Rest of Ireland (i.e. excluding Dublin) were 13.2% higher in the year to February. House prices in the Rest of Ireland increased 13.1% over the period. The West region showed the greatest price growth, with house prices increasing 19.8%.  In contrast, the Mid-East region showed the least price growth, with house prices increasing 9.3%. Apartment prices in the Rest of Ireland increased 13.9% in the same period.

Residential Property Price Index February 2017 (CSO)

Flipping Hell

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In today’s Irish Times.

A two-bed terraced house in East Wall, Dublin 3.

East Wall’s gentrification continues. The soon-to-happen move by tech giant Facebook, from south of the river in established and international-in-feel Hanover Quay north to East Wall, a proper Dublin community with a personality riveted together by its hardworking docker heritage.

… Property prices are rising rapidly but none have quite scaled the heights of 107 Church Road. This property sold for €135,500 in June 2015.

The house needed complete modernisation and it was Adrian Richards of Claremont Construction who extended it by adding a two-storey extension, making it about a third bigger. He says he’s spent €200,000 on the refurbishment. It now measures 192sq m/2,066sq ft and is back on the market, asking €525,000.

Richards has 25 years’ experience in flipping houses.

Big little home in the city for €525,000 (Irish Times)

Pics: Daft.ie


Amid speculation that Brexit may lead to higher house prices in Dublin, your headline asks “Will Dublin’s property market benefit from the vote to leave EU?”

Your definition of the word “benefit” clearly differs from mine.

Colm O’Connor,
Dublin 7.


On the front page of yesterday’s Irish Times




Dublin property prices (Irish Times letters page)


A 1-bed studio.

How much?

‘Crying Chaise Longue’ as standard.

Waterloo Rod, Ballsbridge (MyHome.ie)

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 Dublin property prices have jumped by a quarter over the past year, according to data in in a new report. Data from property website Myhome.ie and the Property Price Register has found that prices in the capital rose by 25 per cent over the year to the end of September.

Dublin property prices up by 25% in year (Irish Times)

Amendment to Price Register analysis (Myhome.ie)

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For Those Who Shouted Stop, He Salutes You


[A graph, released by the Central Statistics Office this morning, showing the rise in residential property prices in Ireland between March 2013 and March 2014. Click to enlarge]

At a national level, property prices increased by 7.8%.

In Dublin, house prices rose by 14.3%, while the cost of an apartment in Dublin was 16.6% higher in March 2014, than in March 2013.


Residential Property Price Index, March 2014 (CSO)



[Top: A new graph published by the Central Statistics Office today detailing property prices in Ireland between February 2005 and February 2013 and, above, a screebgrab from a table showing the percentage price change in properties in Dublin in January and February 2014]

The CSO found:

In Dublin residential property prices fell by 0.6% in February and were 13.3% higher than a year ago. Dublin house prices fell by 0.6% in the month and were 13.6% higher compared to a year earlier. Dublin apartment prices were 10.5% higher when compared with the same month of 2013. The price of residential properties in the Rest of Ireland (i.e. excluding Dublin) rose by 0.9% in February compared with a decrease of 2.1% in February of last year. Prices were 4.2% higher than in February 2013.

Mark Sugrue writes:

“According to the CSO, Dublin house prices have fallen 2.1% since the start of 2014, bringing prices back to where they were in September 2013. Although the Dublin Meeja will claim the opposite. Doesn’t the Irish Times own myhome.ie?”

Residential Property Prices rise by 8.1% in the year to February (Central Statistics Office)

Graph update:


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