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eatingdog-hed-2013dogmeat-example1 dogmeat-example3 dogmeat-example2In an ongoing effort to raise awareness of the health risks and cruelty caused by the harvesting of millions of cats and dogs for meat each year in China – including family pets snatched from the street – animal rights organisation AnimalsAsia posted over 270 ads in 14 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen. Animals Asia explains:

The posters aim to inform the public of the health risks of eating dog and cat meat and to prompt people to re-evaluate why they’d eat animals they might otherwise consider friends not food.

China Gets a Wake-Up Call with Animals Asia’s New ‘Say No to Cat and Dog Meat’ Campaign (One Green Planet)



Every Young Man’s Battle: The Movie – a confusing and slightly alarming message of hope for hairy-palmed young Christians.



A groundbreakingly dark 1973 public information film narrated by the late, great Donald Pleasence which – depending on your vintage – will either amuse you, chill you or occasion a powerful wave of nostalgia for Saturday morning children’s programmes on BBC.

‘I’ll be back, back, back….’



vd vd2 vd3 vd4This week, an online sexual health campaign in Brazil promoting safe sex with prostitutes was banned for promoting prostitution.

70 years ago, according to this rather excellent picture set from The Guardian, folk were more practical about that sort of thing.

After all, there was a bloody war on. A war against syphilis and gonorrhea.

And it would be fought with the double-entendre.


(Hat tip: Sido)

An Australian Transport Accident Commission PSA from 1997:

This was the first commercial to tackle the issue of low-level speeding and to show the extraordinary difference that driving just 10 km/h less can have on a pedestrian. A motion-controlled camera gives an incredible insight into what happens to a body when hit by a car at speed, and the results are itemised by a trauma surgeon who has seen it all only too often.