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Tom Dillon in this morning’s Irish Daily Mail

Four years ago, he turned his back on social media.

To pursue a pumpkin-shaped dream.

Many laughed.

They’re not laughing now!

Tom, Dillon, former Broadsheet social media manager, has emerged as the foremost pumpkin farmer in the country with his his impressive patch one of the most visited during the Halloween period.

The Alright Pumpkin’ farm in Fordstown, County Meath is open to the public for pumpkin picking, carving and what have you (details at link below) . Tom will regale you with interesting pumpkin facts and stories from his time at the ‘sheet, if you ask nicely.

In fairness

Alriight Pumpkins

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A tradition almost as old as the pagan feast itself

Helene Duffy writes:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween? Following tradition, here are those lovely pumpkins (picture 1) from Smithfield [Dublin 7] again!

Also I’m living abroad so in picture 2 are some bonus pumpkins from Japan!

In fairness.

Can you name the characters in the Smithfield pumpkin picture, anyone?

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Pumpkin Carver Neve Connolly writes:

Happy Halloween! Beee gourd, as ET would say.. I did this carving at the weekend, he took around 5 hours. Strangers Things S2 on the TV,I was in my element. Hope you like him. Sound on.


Last night.

On the steps of the Tralee Courthouse in Kerry.

Kerry For Choice writes:

Kerry for Choice, in collaboration with Kerry Knicker Collective, placed 12 pumpkins and 56 candles on the Tralee Courthouse steps to highlight the 12 Irish women a day and 56 Kerry women in 2015 who were forced to travel to England to access abortion services.

At this time of year, we light candles and carve pumpkins to keep away the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween in the hope of keeping loved-ones safe from harm. Unfortunately, for every pregnant woman and person who awakes on 1st of November, the spectre of the 8th amendment will not have been dispelled.

They will awake once again to realise they have lost their right to medical consent and the right to control what happens to their bodies.

They will awake to country where medical professionals are not free to offer best practice but must constantly balance the wants and needs of the pregnant person with laws that, they fear, would see them prosecuted for not equating the life of grown adult woman with that of a developing foetus.

They awake to a country that will send them abroad to end pregnancies that they cannot, for whatever reason, continue.

They will awake to a country that instead of allowing these decisions to be made with their own medical providers and support networks, would instead see them made travel, to support the illusion that Ireland is abortion free.

Kerry For Choice (Facebook)


Tom will do the carving.

Broadsheet social media manager-turned-pumpkin magnate Tom ‘Dylan’ Dillon will be showing his pumps to the world on RTÉ One’s farming flagship programme ‘Ear To The Ground’ tonight at 8.30pm.

Reporter Ella McSweeney joined Tom at his patch in Fordstown, Co Meath where Halloween is Christmas and Easter rolled into one big scary squash plant.

Alright Pumpkins (Facebook)


Today’s ‘The Gloss’ with the Irish Times.

Featuring proud mention of Broadsheet’s Tom ‘Dylan’ Dillon’s controversial ‘pick my pumpkin’ caper and teddy bear haystack sculpture.

A tenner.

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Pumpkin patch  at ‘Alright Pumpkin’ in Co Meath

Too soon?

Tom ‘Dylan’ Dillon, who runs the social media operation at the ‘sheet (leaving him enough time to be a full-time farmer, raise a large family and compete at slow chess) is diversifying his crop.

Known for his hay bale sculpting [teddy bears, trains, etc] Tom is betting everything on orange.

He writes:

“It’s the 19th of September and I know what you are all thinking, Halloween is just around the corner and you have nothing ready. Where are you, your family and your friends going to enjoy some wholesome fun this Halloween?

Or source large orange decorative vegetables to adorn your home? Allowing you a chance to impress your friends and neighbours with your elegant carving….

Do not fret.

Let ‘Alright Pumpkin’ help you…

Visit our Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch in Co Meath which has lots of things for kids to do or alternatively, pick your pumpkin from our Dublin venue. We are open from early October but you can book a pumpkin size now.  All the details are on our Facebook page [link below]and on our tumblr….”

Pumpin’ idea or grotesque US-imported ‘ween intensive farming caper?

Only YOU can decide.

Alright Pumpkin (Facebook)


Maeve Stone writes:

One of the under 12 entrants in the Botanical Gardens [Dublin] pumpkin competition entitled ‘Miley and Sinead’