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Cavoodle puppy Leo gets his kitty on – knocking bottles into the bath just for the craic.



After begging her parents for a puppy for years, Emma’s parents wrote her a poem back in 2009.


This is exactly how Karl responded to the announcement of OS Yosemite.


Sabrina Ryan sez:

I found this puppy on the Oscar Traynor Road (Coolock/Santry) earlier today playing chicken with the cars. The poor thing is terrified and is also in heat. I brought her the vet in Santry (anicare) on the Swords Road and they will keep her for a day. If no one claims her she will be sent to the pound. I hate to think of some kid missing their dog particularly just before Christmas.

So, it would be awesome if you guys could put up these pictures in the hope someone recognises their dog.