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A newsletter from Independent TD Eamonn Maloney distributed in Dublin South West

Gavan Reilly reports on Today FM:

“It’s emerged that some Dáil ‘quotes’ appearing on a TD’s constituency newsletter were never actually said.”

“Independent TD Eamonn Maloney’s newsletter contains four quotes from Dáil debates – only two of which actually appear on the records of the house.”

“…When Today FM inquired with Deputy Maloney’s office about the other two quotes, a representative insisted – twice – that the comments presented the newsletter WERE spoken in the chamber.”

“The official also supplied Today FM with dates on which the other two comments had been delivered in the Dáil.”

“However, when the Dáil records were checked, they showed that not only had Maloney not delivered those comments on those dates, he had not in fact spoken in the house at all on either date.”


‘Dáil quotes’ in TD’s newsletter don’t exist (Today FM)


So far.

Andy Byron writes:

Y’all like Game of Thrones right? Well what better way to waste a Friday afternoon than a supercut of the greatest GOT quotes…

Not the Addams family’s lawyers but, rather, new movie quote prints (US shiped only, dammit) from illustrator Chet Phillips: Ghostbusters, Young Frankenstein and Office Space.

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Bazinga640OBrother500PrincessBride640Firefly640New iconographic pop-culture prints from artist Chet Phillips (he of the Coen Brothers iconography series).

(Above: The Big Bang Theory, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, The Princess Bride and Firefly)

All available as 28cm x 35cm prints for around €20 each here.

UPDATE: Chet’s Etsy store doesn’t ship to the Republic of Ireland (thanks for the clarification, Ardoyne Aristocrat). Damn.