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Cork firefighter Tom Collins and friend


Kevin Collins writes:

In case you haven’t seen it yet, photos of a firefighter in Cork giving a rabbit some water after a gorse fire that have gone viral . The man in the picture Tom Collins is my brother, here is a message from him:

“The fire was a gorse fire on the Sheep’s Head peninsula, we were putting out the fire when the rabbit came over to us looking a bit worse for ware. We carry bottles of drinking water with us so the natural thing to do was to cool it down wish a quick wash and give it a drink. Adrian Collins (no relation), a firefighter from Skibbereen, took a couple of photos [above] on his phone.”

The rabbit, meanwhile, ran away on his merry way after a drink….


Tom Collins (Facebook)

Pics: Adrian Collins

Yesterday: We Didn’t Start The Fire

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All the world’s a rabbit.

A new unhinged multiplication from UK animator Cyriak Harris, who says of it:

When I first had the idea for this video there were 7 billion people in the world, and I wanted to see what 7 billion of something actually looks like. I’m not entirely sure if I managed to create that many rabbits as I gave up counting them, and meanwhile 400 million new people appeared, so perhaps my work will never be done.

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Moon Rabbit – the latest giant animal installation by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman (he of the 14m tall rubber duck that sailed into Hong Kong harbour last summer).

Gazing skyward, propped up on the side of a military bunker at Dayuan Town Naval Base in Taiwan, the plywood and styrofoam bunny covered in 12,000 sheets of Tyvek paper, was inspired the East Asian fable of a giant rabbit that lives on the moon.

Sadly, Moon Bunny caught fire and was destroyed while being disassembled by local workers yesterday.