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This afternoon.

Whiddy Island, County Cork

Scenes of today’s polling by Random Irish Photos.

The Randomer writes:

Turnout on County Cork’s Whiddy Island appeared to have bucked the national trend. By early afternoon most of the 22 or so eligible to vote in a referendum had cast their vote.

Tim O’Leary, the island’s postman, pub landlord, tour guide, ferryman and Irish Water contractor, was one of the first to vote.

‘I think it will probably be the Yes side that will win it,’ he said after he cast his vote in the Bank House pub, restaurant and shop premises he and wife Kathleen run.

Asked about turnout, he said that by 2pm, most of those eligible to vote had voted, a higher than average turn out.

I’d say that there has been a 70% turnout,’ he said. ‘As usual, we are breaking national trends.’

Also voting on the island yesterday were wife Kathleen, and Tim O’Leary, a 69-year-old retired fisherman who also believes the Yes side will win…

Random Irish Photos

This afternoon.

The visit of Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau captured by Random Irish Photos including meetings with ministers Frances Fitzgerald and Simon Coveney.

Get a room, you lot.

Random Irish Photos

Earlier: O Canada



Punchestown, Naas, County Kildare,.

Scenes from Random Irish Photos of Day Four of the Punchestown Festival and  the final day of the National Hunt season.

Random Irish Photos

Thanks Neil Michael



Scenes by Random Irish Photos of the return of the LE Eithne to Ireland [Cork harbour] following a tour of duty of the Mediterranean which included rescuing capsized migrants.

‘Randomer’ writes:

A few days ago, government ministers were tripping over themselves to be seen with the crew of LE Eithne.

The recent trip to Malta saw not one but three ministers, plus a rake of military top brass and high-ranking civil servants all on hand in the baking Maltese sunshine to welcome the Naval Service’s flagship into port at the end of her humanitarian mission in the Mediterranean.

Even the ship’s send off from its base in Cork merited not just Defence Minister Simon Coveney, but also the Taoiseach.

Earlier today, however, it was a moment where the political classes took a step back and let the crew and their families enjoy the moment they had all been waiting for since being deployed on May 16.

As the only ministerial attendee, Minister Simon Coveney kept it short and sweet – with a brief review of the guard of honour and then the families burst forward into the arms of their loved ones.

The LE Eithne has been operational for six weeks, carried out 22 separate rescue missions and rescued 3,400. A total of 170 of these were children.

The EU’s €120 million Triton mission, which replaced Italy’s Mare Nostrum migrant operation, started after growing concerns about the fate of migrants fleeing war-torn Africa and seeking a new life in Europe. Up to 1,000 migrants died in an horrific 24-hour period in April.

Minister Coveney confirmed earlier this month that Ireland will remain in the Mediterranean as part of the Triton mission until at least the end of September.

Random Irish Photos

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Today saw the return home after four months deployment to Sierra Leone of a five-strong Irish Defence Forces medical team helping fight the spread of Ebola.

The homecoming was witnessed by Random Irish Photos.

Randomer writes:

Each of them men were screened five times and they are to be screened a sixth time not that they are back on home soil.They were screened before leaving their base in Sierra Leon, then at Sierra Leon Airport, then they were screened again when they were travelling through Morocco and they were screened twice in the UK before returning to the Casement Aerodrome earlier today.

Of their time in Sierra Leone, Captain Eugene O’Connor said:

‘We were all spread out all over the country, so we all have different experiences. Obviously there is a degree of poverty there and a degree of fear with the virus But that was something that was on our minds all the time.

‘When we arrived in country, there was a spike in cases And there was always a concern that it was going to spiral out of control.We were pressed into immediate areas of hot spots quite quickly. Between all the agencies, they managed to get a hold and stymie the outbreak at that stage. So within about a month, cases began to level off and so they are almost at zero but it’s a bumpy road. It never just goes 360 cases to zero.’

Captain O’Connor was met his mother Mary, sister Tracey and Gillian, his niece Milla Banerjee, nephew Ben Banerjee, and his Italian girlfriend, Miranda Pio. Also travelling with Cpt O’Connor were Sgt David Sliney, Cpls Frank Noonan and Pierce Foley and trooper Richard Fitzgerald.

Random Irish Photos

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Glasthule/Sandycove, Co Dublin.

Scenes by Random Irish Photos from the Red Bull’s Wings For Life World Run charity race raising money for research into spinal injuries.

The Wings for Life World Run is a global running event in 35 locations around the world starting at precisely the same time (12 noon)

Among the more than 2,000 runners were Fine Gael TD Mary Mitchell O’Connor, Irish rugby’s Simon Zebo, GAA’s Joe Canning, triathlete Con Doherty, European Championships Gold-winning sailor Annalise Murphy and model Alison Canavan.

Random Irish Photos

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 Wings For Life World Run – Ireland


Last night

Scenes from Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast host to the Red Bull Crashed Ice Event for downhill skaters.

Randomer writes:

Yesterday’s heats for skaters from all over the world – including seven from the Republic – trying to get a chance for the finals tomorrow night.
They included the south’s Graeme Pollard, who is currently in 16th place, Paul Kennedy, who is 18th, and 21st-place Christopher McConnell.
More than 40,000 spectators are expected to attend over the two days of a series of races that will see competitors reaching around 65kph down the 430m-long track that leads down from the steps of Parliament Buildings at Stormont.
Crews of workers spent 34 days setting up the 10cm-thick artificial ice track and five days of round-the-clock work to create the massive 337,000 cubic litres of ice that is being kept frozen with 22,500 meters of cooling pipes.

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Random Irish Photos

Yesterday: Some Assembly Required

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Scenes by Random Irish Photos from inside the Al-Mustafa Islamic Educational & Cultural Centre in Blanchardstown, Dublin before and during this afternoon’s address (followed by prayers) by Imam and Islamic theologian, Dr Umar Al-Qadri (above).

Random writes:

Dr Al-Qadri condemned the recent murders in Paris He also drew comparisons between how some might perceive the wider Muslim community on Ireland to the way the Irish in Britain were perceived in the 1970s and 80s during the IRA’s bombing campaign.

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Scenes from Xmas day in Dublin by Random Irish Photos.

Random writes:

It was a day of disaster and joy for a variety of Dubliners today. But mostly joy.
A taxi driver saw his car go up in flames on Cathal Brugha Street around 9am. Meanwhile a few streets away on Marlborough Street, female choristers assembled before 10am mass, followed at 11am by the boys. Slipping in with minutes to spare was Michael D and his good lady.
Some distance away was Lorraine Fitzsimons, of Age Action, handing out food and other goodies to a small army of volunteers who brought them to some 44 elderly in need from all over the city.
Helping her provide for ‘older people, living alone, with nobody to go to and nobody to come and visit’ was her brother Michael.
And in  Ballsbridge, the Knights of St. Columbanus were on hand with their Christmas Day dinners for the homeless and others at the RDS. Among them was Noel Brennan, 62.
Originally from Limerick, he hasn’t spoken to the last remaining member of his family – his older brother Paddy – for more than 20 years. And since his partner Rose died in 2010, ‘things just haven’t been the same’. But maybe, he wonders, if Paddy sees his picture, he might get in touch.Also at the annual event was married couple Clay and Rachael McDonald, ex-Dubliners’ Eamonn Campbell and long-time homeless campaigner and city mayor, Christy Burke.

Rebecca Dunne, 27, from Tallaght. was one of the proudest Christmas Day mothers, with the 12.12am birth of son Azam. Weighing in at 7lbs 4 ounces, she posed for photos at the Coombe Hospital with husband Nadeem Siddiqui, 31, and 16-month-old son Moin.
Rebecca was out shopping on Christmas Eve when she had to quickly head into hospital for the delivery of a boy who had not actually been due till the 27th. The guy in the lift is a security guard who has worked at The Coombe on Christmas Day every year for the last 13 years.

Random Irish Photos